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Chapter 1389 - The Plan To Alarm The Enemy In Advance

Chapter 1389: The Plan To Alarm The Enemy In Advance


When everyone from Quan Zhen Sect heard what Fearless said, they all turned around to look at Wang Yu, before entering into deep thought.

It wasn’t certain as to whether or not Wang Yu had the capability to take down five hundred players all by himself. After all, the game had restrictions on a person’s abilities. As overpowered as an expert might be, he wouldn’t be able to take on so many opponents at one go, especially since most of the players were around LV 50, and thus, under ordinary circumstances, Wang Yu wouldn’t be able to instant-kill any job classes.

However, no one doubted Wang Yu’s ability to take the severed head of the leader of this five hundred man team.

Movement speed was exceptionally important when it came to an assassination.

Wang Yu was able to use qi gong, thus his movement speed was naturally not a concern. Additionally, the most important factor was that Wang Yu had the ability to fly. These were magical wings that we are talking about, and could allow Wang Yu to escape as he pleases. Even if there were more than a few hundred players there, they still wouldn’t be able to do anything to him.

It was no wonder that Fearless dared to employ such a ridiculous idea, it was because they had a ridiculously overpowered cheat in Quan Zhen Sect that could turn this ridiculous plan into a feasible one…

After resting for a while, everyone was back in their peak condition. Shortly after, they resumed their flight once more.

After flying past Yamatai Valley, they would have arrived within the area controlled by Yamatai City.

The reason why Yamatai City was Black Dragon Guild’s headquarters wasn’t because it was the largest capital city on Immortal Island, but rather, it was because Yamatai City possessed the largest mining site on Immortal Island as well as numerous vegetation and mountain areas surrounding it, possessing an abundance of resources. Such a bountiful piece of land was an extremely strategic location.

From this City War, it was clear that the most important factor in a mass battle wasn’t the number of players one possessed, but rather, it was the amount of supplies and resources. Black Dragon Guild had occupied Yamatai City, and had thus taken control over the most important piece of land on Immortal Island. If they were to engage in a fight with any other forces, they would be able to rely on their abundance of resources to out sustain their enemies to death.

Apart from this, the area of land which belonged to Yamatai City was many times bigger than that of the harbor city, Saga City. After flying for so long, the bunch from Quan Zhen Sect had to fly for over 30 mins before finally seeing Yamatai City.

Currently, Yamatai City’s city gate has been shut, and there were trios and pairs of Black Dragon Guild players scattered atop the city walls. Even though there weren’t many players, they had effectively situated themselves such that there was no blind spot on the city walls. As long as someone attempted to breach the walls to enter the city, they would immediately be able to spot them.


Upon seeing the tight defense deployed in Yamatai City, Wang Yu couldn’t help but smile and said, “The boss of Black Dragon Guild is truly a careful person.”

“Exactly.” Fearless sighed and said, “He was clearly launching an attack on others, but had yet set up such a defensive formation. This fellow probably has a lot of enemies in real life as well…”

“The same as you?” Ming Du fondled his chin and said.

“It’s different!” Fearless proudly replied, “I have the protection of my country, wherever I go, there are armed police personnel following me. Even if Old Bull were to try and do something to me, he would still meet his demise under the barrage of bullets.”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk…” Everyone sighed simultaneously and said, “F*ck, what’s the point of the country raising a person like you? Are they trying to bring a disaster unto themselves?”

At the end of the day, Wang Yu was the most focused amongst them. After pondering over the situation for a while, he asked, “What do we do now? Do we directly charge in or let Old Fish go first?”

The defense set up by Black Dragon Guild was extremely elaborate, and did not have any blind spots to exploit. If they wanted to enter the city, they would have to break through the defense at a certain point in the defense.

If it was in reality, they could allow their Archers to silently take down these players atop the city walls, before sneaking their way into the city.

However, this was a game. Once a player died, he could respawn. With this in mind, only an Assassin had the ability to quietly sneak into the city.

Quan Zhen Sect only possessed two Assassins, one was Frost Blade while the other was Darknorth Fisher. In this situation, Frost Blade’s battle strength was insufficient. Thus, the only one who could enter the city was Darknorth Fisher.

Of course, knowing oneself and knowing the enemy would allow one to remain victorious in any battle.

Fearless thought for a while before saying, “There aren’t any blind spots amongst the sentries on top of the city walls, that means that the defense within the city would be even tighter. Old Fish, you will enter the city first to take a look at the situation. If there is an opportunity for you to take action, just do it. Otherwise, we can rethink of another plan!”

“En, okay!”

Without further ado, upon hearing Fearless’ command, Darknorth Fisher’s figure vanished on the spot.

The moment Darknorth Fisher left, with a wave of his hand, Fearless took out a set of mahjong tiles and began to shuffle them.

Before they could finish playing a single round, Darknorth Fisher appeared from the ground all of a sudden.

“How is it? Have you gotten your hands on it?”

Upon seeing Darknorth Fisher returning so quickly, Wang Yu instantly arrived in front of Darknorth Fisher and posed him the question.

“I didn’t!”

Darknorth Fisher, with a grave expression on his face, said, “It is as per what Fearless had said. The defenses in the interior of the city are airtight. There wasn’t any opportunity for me to make a move.”

“Air-tight? That’s too exaggerated!” Ming Du twitched his mouth and said.

“It isn’t exaggerated!” Darknorth Fisher began frightfully recounting the scene that he saw, “There are three layers of players surrounding the exterior of the City Lord Mansion and another three layers of players in the interior. A conservative estimate would be that there was at least over a thousand players there. Furthermore, they had all activated [True Eye]. The moment I got near the place, I was instantly exposed. If not for my ability [Earth Elemental Technique], I would not have made it out alive.”

“Over a thousand players? Shh…”

Upon hearing what Darknorth Fisher said, everyone from Quan Zhen Sect sucked in a mouth of cold air.

Heck, what sinister things did Black Dragon Guild do usually? Their boss was actually so careful until such an extent, to the point where he had dispatched over a thousand players to defend the City Lord Mansion when he was fighting a City War.”

Thinking up till this point, everyone couldn’t help but threw a glance in Fearless’ direction and said simultaneously, “Do you have over a thousand bodyguards with you whenever you leave the house?”

“Tsk!” Fearless replied in disdain, “The numbers don’t matter, what matters most is the standard of these players, got it? It’s just a thousand players, look at how frightened you guys are.”

“A thousand players! Do you treat them like a thousand ants?”

Everyone was dissatisfied with Fearless’ attitude of not seriously viewing humans as humans.

Fearless, on the other hand, looked towards Wang Yu and said, “Old Bull…”

“Don’t look at me!” Wang Yu hurriedly waved his head and said, “Big brother, I have my limits as well. The opponent has over a thousand people, and they are situated within the City Lord Mansion, not in the wild. Even I am unable to emerge victorious under such circumstances!”

The land area in the wild was extremely broad and spacious, thus it was extremely easy to launch a sneak attack or escape. The City Lord Mansion, on the other hand, was a construction… no matter how big the interior was, the gate was only so big. If one wanted to enter to kill someone, he had to take out all of the forces guarding the entrance to the mansion.

There were close to a thousand Black Dragon Guild players outside the City Lord Manor. Asking Wang Yu, a Pugilist, to single-handedly deal with a thousand players? That was too ridiculous.

“You’re thinking too much!” Fearless replied, “If I were to create an opportunity for you to break into the manor, do you have the confidence to snatch the seal?”

“That is naturally not a problem!” Wang Yu added, “As long as I am able to get in, I guarantee that I am able to get my hands on the seal! I am, after all, a professional when it comes to killing people. However, there are so many players outside the City Lord Mansion, how are you going to create such an opportunity?”

“That is none of your concern!” Fearless smiled and said, “When the time comes, you will naturally know!”

After finishing his sentence, Fearless pointed towards the city gate of Yamatai City in front of them and said to the rest from Quan Zhen Sect, “Let’s go, apart from Old Bull, the rest of us will fly into the city from there!”

Upon hearing this, everyone from Quan Zhen Sect asked in confusion, “F*ck, isn’t that spot too obvious!”

“That’s exactly what we want!” Fearless smiled and said.

“What about me? Where do I fly in from?” Wang Yu asked.

“You will wait here for the time being. You will enter only after we have killed all of the players on the city wall!”

“Kill them all?” Everyone exclaimed in shock, “Are you thinking of a direct attack?”

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