MMORPG: Divine Monster Transmuter

Chapter 1039

Chapter 1039: The Final Battle

During the process of the disaster spreading.

The Law of destruction that appeared was too huge, eventually forming a huge destruction behemoth.

From the memories he had just obtained, Jiang Feng learned that.

The destruction behemoth would only appear when a universe was destroyed.

And it would completely devour this universe.

Its strength was immeasurable.

But one thing was certain, it had power that surpassed that of a god, and it was a very powerful existence among gods.

Even the creator god was not its match!

Jiang Feng was not very confident in dealing with it, but no matter what, he had to give it a try.

“Break through!”

With his command, he and the other four god-emperors removed the suppression on their divine power at the same time, surging divine power emanating from their bodies.

In order to prevent himself from being affected by the giant destruction beast, he released a spatial barrier to envelop the entire Milky Way before he broke through, blocking the swallowing of the giant destruction beast.


After doing all this.

A powerful energy was emitted from the bodies of the five people.



The bodies of the five people were like whirlpools, continuously swallowing the Qi of true spirit in the universe.

The other four people quickly devoured for a while, and the Qi of true spirit in their bodies was converted into divine power.

But Jiang Feng was still devouring.

After obtaining the divine body, his meridians and divine mansion were a hundred times stronger than ordinary people. It was also because of this that the Qi of true spirit in his body was a hundred times thicker than ordinary divine emperors, so the conversion speed was naturally much slower than other divine emperors.

“Boom Boom…”

After the conversion of the divine power in the other four divine emperors’bodies was completed, the three-colored Tribulation Cloud appeared once again.

The three-colored Tribulation Cloud appeared.

A tremendous pressure was transmitted over.

God Emperor Ji Feng and the other three were all suffocated by this pressure.

Their gazes landed on Jiang Feng, hoping that Jiang Feng would finish converting the divine power as soon as possible.

One had to know.

This tribulation cloud of becoming a god was not so easy to cross.

Although they had already cultivated a divine art, it only increased their survival rate by a little. Moreover, this survival rate was not very high, only having a 10% chance.

It could be said that this probability was very low.

Jiang Feng glanced at the tribulation clouds of the other four God emperors in the sky, his eyes carrying a trace of doubt.

When the three-colored tribulation clouds appeared previously, he was somewhat puzzled.

This was because Sun Wukong’s tribulation clouds were not three-colored. Instead, they were the same golden color as the emperor’s tribulation.

He could not understand why Sun Wukong’s god Tribulation was also golden. Could it be that even though it was only golden, there was no difference?

He shook his head as he could not figure it out. He put a layer of time barrier on his body to speed up the conversion of divine power.

“Boom Boom…”

He spent a year inside the time barrier before he finished converting his divine power.

The moment he finished converting his divine power.

There was another boom in the sky as a seven-colored tribulation cloud appeared.

It seemed that the tribulation clouds were different in terms of strength.

The moment his tribulation cloud appeared, the tribulation clouds of Ji Feng and company dimmed, as though they were extremely afraid of his tribulation clouds.

“Roar! !”

He looked at the tribulation clouds in the sky, and without thinking, he directly transformed into a dragon, turning into a nine-clawed golden dragon. He soared into the sky, opened his mouth wide, and swallowed the seven-colored tribulation clouds and the other four three-colored tribulation clouds.

The power contained in the tribulation clouds was a great tonic. Perhaps it could make him stronger.

For this, he was prepared to take a gamble!

“Is he crazy? Emperor Tribulation Devouring, even God Tribulation Devouring?”

Celestial Emperor Ji Feng saw Jiang Feng’s actions and was extremely shocked.

“Perhaps, this is the Big Boss!”Iron King Sighed.


After swallowing five tribulation clouds in one gulp, Jiang Feng let out a painful roar.

His entire dragon body was wrapped in seven-colored lightning, emitting crackling sounds of explosions.

His body was rolling up and down in the universe, constantly emitting waves of hissing sounds.

The dragon scales on his body began to fall off, and fresh blood kept flowing down.

Fortunately, his god body’s recovery ability was very strong. When the wound appeared, it quickly healed.

The healing was broken again.

The broken was healed again.

It kept repeating.

More than ten minutes later.

The speed of the breaking was much slower.

And the scales on his body grew back.

The dragon scales that grew back were like gemstones, flowing with colorful light. They were very beautiful and hard!

Not long after.

His divine spark condensed!

He successfully transcended the tribulation and became a god!

Celestial Emperor Ji Feng, Celestial Emperor Iron King, Celestial Emperor Wang Chuan, and Celestial Emperor Shang Ming’s tribulation clouds were swallowed by Jiang Feng, so they directly became gods.

Although they were all gods, they couldn’t be compared to Jiang Feng at all.

“Roar! Kill!”

After becoming gods, Jiang Feng didn’t hesitate. He took out the seven stars treasured sword and charged toward the destruction behemoth.

Celestial Thearch Ji Feng and the other three glanced at each other. They all took out their weapons and followed behind Jiang Feng, charging toward the destruction behemoth.

They could actually ascend and leave this place.

However, Jiang Feng had helped them so much. If they left just like that, it would be too unreasonable. Moreover, if Jiang Feng became angry, he could destroy them with a thought.


The gigantic beast of destruction let out a roar as the laws of destruction enveloped the five of them.


The laws of destruction collided directly with the seven-star sword in Jiang Feng’s hand. With a loud bang, the surrounding universe completely collapsed, turning into more laws of destruction. Instead, it increased the strength of the gigantic beast of destruction.

The giant destruction beast also didn’t feel good after receiving this attack. The destruction law had been greatly consumed by Jiang Feng’s sword.

“Avatars, come out!”

Now that he had become a god, the abilities of his twenty avatars had reached the level of a god.

With the addition of his twenty avatars and Ji Fengshen’s group of four, it was equivalent to twenty-five gods.

Twenty-five gods was a terrifying force in other universes.

“Solo sword technique!”

Jiang Feng and his twenty doppelgangers used the solo sword technique.

He led his twenty doppelgangers and attacked the forehead of the giant destruction beast.

A sword light shook the nine regions, and this sword strike shocked not only the nine regions, but the entire universe. Not only that, even the nearby universes felt this power, and all of them revealed expressions of disbelief.


The Creation Village.

The six village chiefs raised their heads to look at a mirror image above them, and they all revealed expressions of shock.

“I didn’t expect that after he became a god, he actually directly surpassed the strength of the creation God. This is too abnormal!”

Uncle Huang swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

Granny Meng smiled complacently. “Of course, don’t forget who he is. A man that I like is naturally not ordinary!”

Xiao Yue said worriedly, “Can he withstand this calamity? It seems like this giant destruction Beast’s strength isn’t low!”

Village chief smiled and said, “Don’t worry. His strength can be considered invincible in the surrounding universe. In my opinion, there shouldn’t be any problems!”

It wasn’t just the creation village.

Everyone on Earth was also watching this scene anxiously.

This was a matter of life and death for them.

If Jiang Feng and the others failed, then the entire universe would be reduced to nothingness.

Especially Jiang Feng’s family.

Right now, they were clenching their fists tightly. Sweat and blood were continuously dripping down. One could imagine how worried they were.

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