MMORPG: Divine Monster Transmuter

Chapter 1038

Chapter 1038: Giant Beast Of Destruction

He cultivated for two hours.

That was equivalent to four hundred years.

Jiang Feng comprehended two more divine arts.

They were the eternal life stone inscription and the void spirit stone inscription.

The eternal life stone inscription was not really eternal life.

The Eternal Life Divine art was just a kind of cultivation method.

When he first comprehended ten layers, each layer increased his lifespan by five hundred years.

The tenth level would increase one’s lifespan by 5,000 years.

If one continued to cultivate in the later stages, one would be able to slowly increase one’s lifespan.

During this period of time.

Many people chose to comprehend the eternal life stone inscription.

After all, even if one reached the strength of a divine emperor, they would only have a lifespan of 3,000 years.

In the previous two hours.

Those who did not have sufficient realms had already left the time barrier.

There was no other way. One’s lifespan would also be lost in there.


If he continued to comprehend, his lifespan would be exhausted before he could comprehend it.

Two hours later.

Many people couldn’t stand the time ratio in there and left the time barrier one after another.

For this, Jiang Feng had to adjust the time ratio.

He adjusted the time ratio to the ratio of one year to 100 years.

As for him, he gave himself a time barrier of one hour to 100 years and continued to comprehend.

Now, he had already comprehended the space stone inscription, Time Stone inscription, profound devil stone inscription, heavenly soul stone inscription, Ancestral Dragon Stone inscription, eternal life stone inscription, Void Spirit Stone inscription, and the last three kinds of stone inscriptions.

The last three kinds of stone inscriptions were myriad poison stone inscription, heavenly divination stone inscription, and myriad body stone inscription!

He had already understood the myriad poison stone inscription and heavenly divination stone inscription.

As for the last myriad body stone inscription, it recorded the cultivation methods of more than 10,000 physiques.

Although it could not be compared to his divine body, if he cultivated one of them to the extreme, his physique would definitely be stronger than an ordinary divine emperor.

For example, Ji Feng had twenty-one divine emperors.

What they were comprehending now was the last ten thousand body stone inscription.

There was nothing they could do. They had seen the power of the divine body. Although they could not obtain a divine body, to be able to obtain a physique below the divine body was a great advantage for them when they were fighting at the same level.


Ten hours.

Using a thousand years of lifespan.

Jiang Feng finally comprehended all ten great ancient divine arts.

As for the ten thousand poison stone inscription.

After he comprehended it, he did not use the poison body. He hid the poison that he comprehended in the divine mansion.

Originally, he did not plan to comprehend this stone inscription.

When he was comprehending it, the Spider Saint Beast, Sha Li, told him that he had to comprehend it.

As long as he finished comprehending the ten great divine arts, he had the hope of recovering the memories of his previous life.

It was precisely because of this that he was able to comprehend it.

The sealing poison was also done with Sha Li’s help.

After comprehending all the Divine Arts, his strength had already reached the peak of the Divine Emperor Realm. He could become a god at any time.

He did not choose to do that.

Becoming a god was very simple for him. However, once he became a god, the speed of the calamity spreading would increase by a lot.

It was also because of this that he was able to suppress his cultivation level.


After comprehending the ten great divine arts, a buzzing sound came from his head, followed by a stabbing pain.

Fortunately, the pain wasn’t very intense, and he could barely endure it.

Following that, waves of information continuously surged into his brain.

This information was too huge, and the speed at which it surged into his brain was very slow. If all of it rushed into his brain, he wouldn’t be able to endure it at all.

After all, this information was his memories from when he was a creator god. With his current strength, he wasn’t even on the same level as a creator god.

Thus, consuming this information would also require a long process.

An hour’s time.

Within the time barrier, it would only take a hundred years.

After spending so much time, he was finally able to completely endure all of his memories.

This was only because he had cultivated the heavenly soul stone inscription and the book Uncle Huang had shown him to increase his soul strength. Otherwise, it would have taken even longer.

“HMM? Some memories are better left unattended!”

After tidying up the memories in his mind, he immediately erased all of his emotional memories.

Right now, he only had Ling Feiyu and the others in his heart. He could not allow the emotional memories from his previous life to interfere.

After removing the emotional memories, he began to look through some memories related to the cosmic calamity.

Very soon, he received an extremely shocking piece of information.

The Cosmic Calamity did not appear out of thin air.

It was caused by the interference and impact of other universes.

He also learned from his memories.

Other than this universe and village chief’s universe, there were many other universes.

The universe they were in was only a small universe. There were even bigger universes. The creator god of those universes was stronger than him.

Those universes were called high-level universes.

However, to him…

Right now, he didn’t care about the existence of these universes at all.

He just wanted to safely accompany his family and become a creator god after he withstood the catastrophe.

He didn’t want to get involved with other universes, nor did he want to make enemies. If that happened, it might bring him even greater misfortune.

Of course.

Even if he withstood the calamity, he wouldn’t be satisfied with the current situation forever.

After all, he and his family and friends all had lifespans. No one could truly live forever.

If that day, under the force majeure, his family and friends left him one by one and turned around to reincarnate, he might reincarnate or go to other universes to take a look.

But now, he didn’t have such thoughts.


Just as he was browsing through other useful memories, a powerful energy was emitted from God Emperor Ji Feng’s body. Three-colored tribulation clouds appeared in the sky.

“God Emperor Ji Feng, suppress your realm and don’t break through!”

Jiang Feng appeared beside God Emperor Ji Feng when he saw this. With a wave of his hand, a barrier separated god Emperor Ji Feng from the three-colored tribulation clouds.

God Emperor Ji Feng looked at Jiang Feng with a pained expression. “God Emperor Jiang Feng, please help me suppress it. I can’t suppress it any longer!”

Jiang Feng nodded and came to God Emperor Ji Feng’s side. A surge of energy surged into God Emperor Ji Feng’s body, suppressing the god power that was about to sprout in his body.


At this moment, another three-colored tribulation cloud appeared.

Divine Emperor Iron King could no longer suppress his realm and summoned the divine tribulation.


Divine Emperor Wang Chuan did the same.


Another divine tribulation called Divine Emperor Shang Ming appeared.

In one breath, four divine tribulations appeared.

The entire sky was dyed red.

The divine power in the other three could not be controlled and kept leaking out.

“Not good, the calamity is coming!”

Just as he was about to help the other three to suppress the godly power in their bodies, he suddenly felt a huge crisis appear above his head, which made his face turn extremely ugly.

He grabbed God Emperor Ji Feng, God Emperor Iron King, God Emperor Wang Chuan, and God Emperor Shang Ming, took them away from Earth, and flew into the universe.

Just now, such a majestic godly power leaked out.

It caused the catastrophe that was close to the Milky Way to arrive.

Now, it was too late to suppress their godly power. They could only fight to the death with the catastrophe!

They appeared in the universe.

They saw that the universe outside the Milky Way turned into nothingness. A huge destructive beast formed by the Law of destruction appeared.

“There’s no need to suppress your realm anymore. Break through!”

When Jiang Feng saw this, he narrowed his eyes and said to Emperor Ji Feng and the other three. At the same time, he was no longer suppressing his realm. He was preparing to break through!

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