MMORPG: Divine Monster Transmuter

Chapter 1037

Chapter 1037: Preparation Before The Catastrophe

Ling Yuntian led Ling Feiyu, Little Dragon Lady, Xiao Lan, and Mo Ji up the stairway to heaven.

The will of Earth was also very tactful, and the wedding music sounded around them.

Everything was going well.

Looking down at the four beautiful women who were walking up.

Jiang Feng’s heart was filled with emotion.

In order to become stronger.

After he married Ling Feiyu in the game, he rarely accompanied her by her side. He was always rushing about busily.

Solving one calamity after another for the monster race.

Towards the end.

The Great World of Heavenly Secrets appeared.

For the sake of becoming stronger, he once again desperately increased his strength in the great world of Heavenly Secrets.

Insect race calamity.

Race calamity.

Deity world calamity.

In order to resist these calamities.


He did not know how much suffering and how much time he had spent.

It was all for this moment!

In order to be able to enjoy this happy moment with his family and friends.

Happiness was short-lived.

There was still one more calamity to come.

And it was also the last calamity.

As long as he resisted the following calamity.

At that time, he would be able to stabilize.

Thinking of this.

He secretly swore in his heart, “Don’t worry, I will definitely lead everyone through this calamity.”.

A few minutes later.

Ling Yuntian brought the four women to the front of the palace and stood in front of Jiang Feng.

Jiang Feng smiled at Ling Yuntian and nodded.

Ling Yuntian smiled evilly and said, “Little Feng, they are all my daughters now. I can hand them over to you, but you have to kneel down and take their hands.”

“This old man is clearly taking advantage of my son.”

Jiang Lin, who was sitting in the main seat, scolded jokingly.

Xuanyuan Minrou covered her mouth and smiled. “He is also Ling Yuntian’s son now. It doesn’t matter if he kneels down!”

Jiang Feng didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

But he still did it.

After all, wasn’t it normal to kneel down to one’s parents.

Kneeling down on one knee, he reached out and took Ling Feiyu and the others’hands from Ling Yuntian’s hands.

Ling Yuntian nodded in satisfaction. At the same time, he thought of Jiang Lin throwing a provocative gaze at him, as if saying, “Look, he’s also my son. The son of the god Emperor is giving me such a big bow. Awesome!”!

“Please take your seats, parents!”

Seeing Jiang Feng take the hands of the four girls, God Emperor Ji Feng shouted loudly and waved his hand at the same time.

Jiang Lin, Xuanyuan minrou, Ling Yuntian, and Li ran flew up and landed on the main seat in front of the palace.

The next step was to pay respects to heaven and earth.

He had originally planned to omit paying respects to heaven and earth. After all, he was the creator god of this universe and he was the heaven and earth!

However, after thinking about it, he still had to perform the necessary ceremony.


Pay respects to heaven and earth.

He gave the rings that he had prepared in advance to the four girls.

A successful wedding ceremony ended as well.

Ling Feiyu and the four girls brought their parents to the main seat.

Next was Jiang Feng’s speech, which was also what everyone was looking forward to.

“Thank you all for coming to my wedding. I hope that everyone here can enjoy the delicious food on Earth. You can also go and comprehend the ten great ancient divine arts. Before you do so, I hope that you can enjoy the delicious food I prepared for you to help you comprehend!”

Hearing that they could comprehend the ten great ancient divine arts, everyone present became excited.

This was a rare opportunity.

Once they comprehended the divine arts, as long as their realms increased, they could become gods!

However, they still listened to Jiang Feng’s reminder.

Because the delicacies in front of them were all made of natural treasures and various treasures. Not only could they increase their cultivation, but there were also many treasures that could help them increase their comprehension abilities.

Clap Clap..

Jiang Feng clapped his hands.

The first-rate chef on Mount Numinous began to serve the dishes.

Other than the dishes made from natural treasures, he also prepared many of Earth’s delicacies.

After making these dishes.

He began to toast everyone with his four wives.

Some people from different galaxies were also chatting with each other.

Of course, many of them were also drinking in silence.

Dream Lady, Zhao Ying, Carlos, Li’er, and the others.

What made him feel regretful was that Sun Wukong, Zhang Sanfeng, Zhu Bajie, Bodhi Grandmaster, Hundun, Feng Qingyang, Dugu Qiubai, Lin Xiaotong, Nuo Ka, and Sus did not come to this wedding.

They were sucked into the spatial crack, and Sun Wukong went to look for them.

“I wonder if the Great Sage has found them?”

Jiang Feng looked at the sky as he thought to himself.


After the wedding was over.

The twenty-one divine emperors and the people from the stars had all gone to study the ten great ancient Divine Arts.

Jiang Feng spent a day with his four newlyweds.

The next day.

He set up a time barrier around the group of people who had come before the ten great ancient divine arts, while he led his parents, wife, and children out to play.

Before the Apocalypse arrived…

He was prepared to spend some time with his family.

The first stop was the Disneyland that Jiang Chen and Jiang Lin had been waiting for a long time.

However, the Disneyland had already been purchased by Ling Feiyu.

In order to let his children play to their heart’s content, he added a time barrier inside.

It prevented time from passing too quickly.

Jiang fan, the Little Devil Emperor, and Lin Lin had grown in temperament, but they were also having a great time when they first came into contact with these things.

It made up for their lack of childlike interest.

Then they went to the seaside and went to the great rivers and mountains of the motherland.

In a month’s time.

He led his family to travel all over the great rivers and mountains of the motherland.

While traveling.

A great happy event also happened.

It was that the little dragon girl was pregnant.

Now Ling Feiyu, the Devil Ji, and Xiao Lan all had children, but the Little Dragon Girl didn’t.

It was mainly because Jiang Feng had combined his human form with Xiao Longnv. Because of Xiao Longnv’s dragon form, he had never had a child.

This time, Jiang Feng transformed into a nine-clawed golden dragon and combined with Xiao longnv, successfully making Xiao Longnv pregnant with a dragon child.

This also made Xiao Longnv extremely happy.

She treated Ling Feiyu, Mo Ji, and Xiao Lan’s children very well, but she also hoped to have her own children.

Finally pregnant, she was so excited that she almost fainted.


She accompanied her family for a month.

Under the effect of the time barrier.

It was equivalent to three years.

After a month passed.

He also joined the army to comprehend the ten great ancient divine arts.

There was no other way.

The calamity was about to arrive.

He also had to do something.

With his current early-stage divine emperor strength, it was not enough to resist the following calamity.

Only after becoming a god and comprehending all ten great ancient divine arts would it be possible.

His time barrier and Shi Long’s time barrier.

One Hour of comprehending was equivalent to 200 years of time.

While they were comprehending the ten great ancient divine arts.

The cosmic calamity continued to spread.

At the edge of the universe.

Six people appeared.

These six people were none other than the six people from the creation village.

The village chief looked at the havoc ahead and the law of destruction that kept appearing. He frowned and said, “Why would there be a catastrophe in the universe created by the creator God? I’ve never understood this!”

Uncle Huang said, “I don’t really understand this either. Logically speaking, Jiang Feng was one of the stronger creation gods back then. The universe he created was also very perfect. How could he face a cosmic catastrophe?”

Granny Meng explained, “Back when Jiang Feng was reincarnating, I really wanted to feel that there was an external force in this universe. Do you think it could be caused by an external force?”

Xiao Yue said, “You’re saying that it’s a higher level universe?”

“Alright, no matter what, we have to be careful. If this kind of situation also happens in our universe, we’ll be in trouble. Let’s take precautions in advance!”

The village chief stopped everyone’s discussion. With a wave of his hand, a ray of light wrapped around them and disappeared into the universe.

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