MMORPG: Divine Monster Transmuter

Chapter 1036

Chapter 1036: A Lively Wedding

Mount Numinous.

A grand and magnificent wedding ceremony was underway.

“The will of Kading star has come to congratulate us!”

“The will of devil spirit has come to congratulate us!”

“The will of dark cat star has come to congratulate us!”

“The will of War Dragon Star has come to congratulate us!”


One planet after another was sent over through the heavenly gate that Jiang Feng had opened.

In just a few minutes.

Thousands of planets had already been sent over.

These thousands of planets were complete planets, with humans living on them.

Those that came in later.

There were many planets that did not have humans yet.

They did not want to be destroyed, so they came to attend Jiang Feng’s wedding.

As for the gifts.

Some planets gave very expensive gifts, while some planets that did not have humans living on them seemed a little shabby.


The planet’s will was also very intelligent.

It took a shabby seat on the back row of the island and sat down with the other planet’s will.

One by one, the planet’s will arrived.

As the host, the Earth’s will was not idle either.

It created a fairyland in the sky above Mount Numinous.

Void waterfalls, void flowers and trees, emitting a faint mist. The silhouettes of beautiful women danced in the sky, and there was a melodious music background. It was so beautiful that no words could describe it.

When Jiang Feng saw this, he smiled slightly and nodded toward the sky.

The Earth’s Will’s low laughter sounded.

It could be said that.

Inviting the wills of many planets over was very beneficial to the Earth’s will.

Just the luck alone, at this moment, the Earth’s will had absorbed quite a bit.

It had already become the most powerful planet in the universe.

Its position could not be shaken!

About an hour later.

The planets in every corner of the universe had basically arrived.

Those that did not come were planets that even the planet’s will had perished. It could also be said that they were abandoned planets.

“The village chief of the creation village has come to congratulate us!”

“The Dream Woman of the creation village has come to congratulate us!”

“Uncle Huang of the creation village has come to congratulate us!”


At this moment, six people appeared from the Heaven’s Gate.

Jiang Feng was slightly stunned when he heard the monarchs of the gods’names. He quickly flew towards the six people.

When planets or people from all directions in the universe entered the heaven’s Gate, they needed to infuse some personal information into it.

That was why Emperor Ji Feng and the others could know who the people were.

Most of the people who came before were from all the major planets. The appearance of six people this time made them, the god monarchs, feel very surprised.

They were even more shocked when they saw Jiang Feng personally welcoming them.

It was not just them. Everyone present, including the planet’s will, were guessing who these six people were and where they came from!

“Village Chief, why are you all here?”

Jiang Feng flew to the village chief’s side and asked with a smile.

Xiaoyue did not wait for the village chief to speak and said, “Can we not come to the pre-creation God’s wedding?”

Uncle Huang Glanced at Granny Meng and said to Jiang Feng, “You have to be careful. Someone is here to steal the groom!”

Granny Meng glared at Uncle Huang, then at Ling Feiyu and the other four women. She looked at Jiang Feng resentfully and said, “How can I not be better than them? Why didn’t you marry me after marrying them? And it’s so grand. I’m so jealous!”

Perhaps Granny Meng was pretty in the past, but now she looked old and wrinkled. Compared to Ling Feiyu and the others, she was like the difference between heaven and earth.

It was as if she had read Jiang Feng’s mind.

Granny Meng snorted coldly and waved her hand, turning into a peerless beauty.

Her appearance was not inferior to Ling Feiyu’s.

The village chief smiled and said, “Granny Meng, Don’t show off here. We’re here to attend Little Feng’s wedding, not to accompany you to snatch the wedding!”

Jiang Feng smiled awkwardly and scratched his head.

“Humph, you’re so heartless!”Granny Dream Said and walked to the first row to find a seat.

The village chief nodded at Jiang Feng and followed.

Jiang Feng was just about to fly to the main seat.

At this time, four more figures rushed out from the Heaven Gate.

“Hahaha, boss, we missed you so much!”

These four figures were none other than the other four immemorial sacred beasts.

Zhulong glared at the four immemorial sacred beasts that were coming over. “You still know to come over?”

An immemorial sacred beast that was holding a stone tablet that was as long as a panda replied, “We didn’t know, did we? When we heard Boss’s voice, we rushed over immediately!”

The Giant Panda Beast was called Luo Hun.

Beside it was a giant beast that was similar to a crocodile called tunluo.

The other one had a giant tree on its head that looked like a seven-colored elk and was called fantasy prison.

The last one was a giant spider called Sha Fu.

“Return to your positions!”

Jiang Feng looked at the four holy beasts and smiled at them.

Then, the four holy beasts found the other four stone inscriptions that did not have an owner and restored them.

In the following period of time.

Those who came to congratulate them were all experts from the great world of heavenly secrets.

For example, ao Xu from the half-dragon tribe, Miao Ling from the Gu tribe, and Su Yuheng from the Xuanling tribe. The azure universe demon king from the Xuanmo tribe also came. He was here with Su Yuheng.

Seeing this, Jiang Feng knew that the Azure Universe Demon King had already revealed his identity. Otherwise, he would not have walked together with Su Yuheng.

He waited for a while more.

Seeing that it was about time, Jiang Feng nodded at Celestial Emperor Ji Feng.

Celestial Emperor Ji Feng understood and said in a clear voice, “May the will of the stars represent us!”

“Swish, Swish, Swish…”

Several people appeared where the will of the stars originally was.

The will of the divine realm chose Zhao Chuyang’s family and the Fox’s family.

The will of the Devil Spirit chose Fire Phoenix XI si.

The will of war dragon star chose Long Qian’s father, Long Tao.

The will of Mino Planet chose Xi ran, Yin Ke, and the others who were related to Jiang Feng.

The will of dark cat planet chose Carlos and cat girl Li’er.


It could be said that there were many people at this grand gathering. It was probably a way for the will of these planets to curry favor with Jiang Feng

Soon, all the islands were filled with people.

Among the representatives of the will of these planets, there were some who were the strongest on the planet, and some who were more or less related to Jiang Feng.

Of course, many of the beautiful women looked at Ling Feiyu and the other three who were standing at the bottom of the stairway in their wedding dresses with envy and jealousy.

Carlos had a complicated look in his eyes, and cat girl Li’er was even sobbing as she said that her mating partner was gone. Xi ran and yin ke also had a complicated look in their eyes, and Granny Meng had a bitter look on her face..


Celestial Emperor Ji Feng flew to Jiang Feng’s side in front of the palace and smiled at everyone, “Welcome to the will of the major planets and all of you, family and friends. I am Celestial Emperor Ji Feng, and I will be the host of celestial emperor Jiang Feng’s wedding today. I Won’t talk about the common customs anymore. Let’s welcome the bride to the Stage!”

“Clap Clap Clap…”

Many people in Mount Numinous began to clap enthusiastically. Even though they didn’t know what it meant, those from the various planets clapped their hands in cooperation.

At this moment.

Ling Yuntian led the four brides, who had already covered their heads in red, up the stairway to Heaven.

Little Dragon Lady, Xiao Lan, and Mo Ji didn’t have parents, so they could only let Ling Feiyu’s father, Ling Yuntian, lead the way. It was actually very reasonable. After all, Little Dragon Lady and the other two had already acknowledged Ling Yuntian as their father.

One had to know that when Jiang Feng had announced his identity as the four girls, the Ling family, Jiang Lin, and Xuanyuan minrou had all disagreed. Fortunately, they had ling Feiyu’s explanation, and the three little dragon girls were also pretty good. That was why they had agreed.

After so many years, they no longer had any wariness toward the three girls. Instead, they were especially fond of them.

“This kid married my four girls at once. Let’s see if I won’t teach him a lesson later!”

Ling Yuntian was also wearing a Chinese gown with a big red flower pinned to his chest as he walked up the stairway.

The four women behind him were holding hands and enjoying the moment of happiness.

The biggest highlight of this wedding was Jiang Feng’s children.

Jiang fan and the little demon Emperor became smaller as they carried the wedding gowns behind Jiang Mu, Jiang Chen, and Jiang Lin.

Jiang fan and the Little Demon Emperor hadn’t wanted to do this at first. They were old and almost adults, after all. How could they do this.

However, this was Jiang Chen and Jiang Lin’s request. They had no choice but to transform into children and play around with their little brothers and sisters.

Long Qian was even more delighted when she saw Jiang fan transform into his childhood appearance. She even took out a mirror pearl and recorded the scene behind it.

Speaking of recording…

Qingqiu, blackwind, mouse, Lei Ya, Xiaohai, and the three little foxes from Earth’s Fox Family acted as the recording characters, jumping up and down in the vicinity. It was very lively.

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