MMORPG: Divine Monster Transmuter

Chapter 1040

Chapter 1040: Devouring The Destruction Behemoth

The destruction behemoth was made up of destruction laws.

Now, as long as the destruction laws were destroyed, the destruction behemoth could be destroyed.

However, the destruction laws were not so easy to destroy.

Not only that, the destruction laws were so huge that it was impossible to count them.

Jiang Feng’s first sword strike had only destroyed more than 10,000 destruction laws.

The other four gods combined had only destroyed 1,000 laws of destruction.

One could imagine how difficult it was to kill the Behemoth of destruction.

Shua Shua..

His main body and 20 clones struck out together.

The moment he raised his sword, he and his clones appeared on the Behemoth of Destruction’s head, and all 21 strikes struck a spot on the behemoth of Destruction’s head.

The moment he attacked the giant destruction beast, hundreds of thousands of laws of destruction struck his body.


There was a loud explosion.

A huge whirlpool appeared. A crack appeared on the carrier of the universe, swallowing the laws of destruction. One of the 20 doppelgangers was swallowed as well.



Jiang Feng spat out a mouthful of blood. He used teleportation with the remaining 19 doppelgangers and hurriedly retreated.

That round of attack just now.

Although he was injured, the effect was very significant.

More than 100,000 of the destruction rules on the Giant Destruction Beast’s head were instantly destroyed. At this moment, a hole appeared on its head, and more destruction rules began to fill up the hole on its head.

Although the hole on its head was filled up, the destruction rules were reduced by quite a bit. As a result, the strength of the giant destruction beast was reduced by a bit.


After being destroyed by so many destruction laws, the giant destruction beast let out an angry roar. Its body disintegrated, and the destruction laws that had been disintegrated reassembled, turning into the appearance of twenty Jiang Feng and the four celestial emperors Ji Feng.

These twenty Jiang Feng’s bodies were pitch-black, and their bodies were emitting a powerful destructive aura.

This aura didn’t belong to Jiang Feng’s group. It had already reached the strength of a God!


When Jiang Feng saw this, he frowned, and his figure suddenly disappeared and appeared beside a destruction prosthesis. The 60 times Dark Demon Fist fiercely smashed towards the destruction prosthesis.

A cold smile appeared on the lips of the destruction prosthesis, and it also used the 60 times Dark Demon Fist to meet it.


The two fists collided, and the destruction prosthesis directly shattered, turning into nothingness.

Jiang feng sneered, “If divine arts are so easy to imitate, then it’s not called Divine Arts Anymore!”

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The remaining nineteen clones used the same move to shatter the other nineteen destruction prostheses.

On the other hand, Emperor Ji Feng and the other two were not feeling well. They were being beaten back by their own abilities.

For this reason, Jiang Feng waved his hand, and four spatial cracks appeared, helping them get rid of their destruction prostheses.

“Giant Destruction Beast, you are really arrogant. To other gods, you are no match for the destruction prosthesis. But to me, you are only weakening your own strength!”

Jiang Feng expressionlessly looked at the giant destruction beast that had reassembled in front of him.

At this moment, the giant destruction Beast’s strength was no longer as strong as it was at the beginning.

At the beginning, its strength could be said to be one level higher than Jiang Feng’s. Just a single attack had heavily injured Jiang Feng.

Now, its strength could only be considered to be on par with Jiang Feng’s.

After all, condensing a destruction prosthesis required millions of destruction laws.

To be so easily broken by Jiang Feng, it could be said that it was very injured.

“I admit that I’ve underestimated you, but you can’t Stop Me from devouring this universe!”The giant destruction beast glared angrily at Jiang Feng.

“Really? Then let’s try!”

Jiang Feng and his nineteen clones disappeared into the universe without being detected at all.

God Emperor Ji Feng released his spiritual sense to check his surroundings. Unfortunately, even though he was a god, he couldn’t find any trace of Jiang Feng.

Not only that.

The giant destruction beast couldn’t find any trace of Jiang Feng’s aura, as if this person didn’t exist in this world.

“Divine creation Upanishad!”

Just as the giant destruction beast was carefully checking its surroundings, a voice was heard.

This voice was somewhat ethereal and came from every corner of the universe.

Buzz Buzz..

Beams of light appeared one after another, alternating horizontally and horizontally, forming a giant net that trapped the giant destruction beast inside.

The giant destruction beast that was caught in the net let out a shrill cry, and its body began to gradually shrink.

Its huge body, which could not be seen at the beginning, finally shrunk to the size of a person.

At this moment, everyone could clearly see the appearance of the giant beast of destruction. It was a black toad!

Jiang Feng appeared next to the trapped giant beast of destruction out of thin air. He stretched out his hand, and a ray of light appeared in his palm, enveloping the giant beast of destruction. “Thank you for bringing me luck and greater strength!”

With that, he transformed into a nine-clawed rainbow dragon and swallowed the destruction behemoth in one gulp.

After swallowing the destruction behemoth, his body coiled up, and a layer of time barrier appeared around him.

“It’s really powerful!”

Seeing Jiang Feng Swallow the destruction behemoth, Celestial Emperor Ji Feng could not help but exclaim.

They had not expected the battle to end so quickly.


After god Emperor Iron King Sighed, he looked at Jiang Feng, who had digested the destruction behemoth, and asked God Emperor Ji Feng and the other two.

God Emperor Ji Feng shook his head. “There’s no rush. He has already become the creator god of this universe. It’s rare to see him re-establishing this universe. Comprehending even a sliver of it will be of great help to us!”

Celestial Emperor Wang Chuan nodded. “That’s right. This scene is extremely rare. It’s a great opportunity!”



Cheers could be heard from Mount Numinous.

“Demon Emperor… No, no. It’s the demon god that’s too cool. He directly swallowed the destruction behemoth. He’s probably the first person since ancient times!”

“I told you. My dad is very powerful. No one is my dad’s match!”

“Haha, although I can’t see the battle at all, the scene of boss eating it in the end was so satisfying that I wanted to take a bite!”


Qing Qiu, Jiang Chen, and Hei Feng were already so excited that they were speechless.

Tears welled up in Ling Feiyu and the others’eyes.

A few collisions had shaken their hearts and souls.

Because if anything happened to Jiang Feng, then everything would be over.

Fortunately, the giant destruction beast used a destruction prosthesis and sent a wave of heads. Otherwise, who knew when this battle would end.

No matter what.

Earth was saved, and the universe was saved.

Next was the prosperous development period of the universe.


The creation village.

The village chief waved his hand and closed the mirror image in front of him. He said with a smile, “This kid is really bold. He even dares to swallow the giant destruction beast!”

Xiao Yue blinked and asked, “Can he swallow it successfully?”

Granny Meng said, “Of course. After all, he is related to the survival of his universe. If he is not confident, do you think he will do it?”

Daniel asked, “Village chief, what is his strength now? Why do I feel that his strength is much higher than mine now!”

One had to know.

When Jiang Feng came to the creation village, he was only at the deity level.

How Long had it been? His strength had already surpassed his, which made it hard for him to accept.

Village chief explained, “After transcending the deity tribulation, there are three, six, and nine levels after becoming a deity. Those who are not baptized by the deity tribulation are demigods, those who are baptized by the deity tribulation are gods, those who obtain the deity tribulation are highgods, and those who devour the deity tribulation are sky gods. He was once a creation God, so he must have left behind some means to break through to the sky god level. I believe that the ten most powerful ancient divine arts of the universe must have been left behind by him!”

Dream continued, “I reckon that his memories have already been restored, and he knows how to become a creator god. That’s why when the destruction Beast’s strength was greatly reduced, he immediately broke through and became a creator god, taking down the destruction beast in one fell swoop! “As long as he finishes digesting this destruction beast, his strength will most likely break through and become a two-star creator god!”

“A two-star creator god? Why didn’t I know that there are different levels of creation gods?”Xiao Yue asked in puzzlement.

“Of course there are. Heaven Amplification 49 stars, and one of them is a human escape. In other words, the creator God has a total of 49 stars, and the one that escaped is unpredictable. Right now, the strongest one is only an 18-star creator god. Until now, I’ve never seen anyone reach 49 stars, and I’ve never even heard of what the one that escaped is!”The village chief stroked his beard and laughed.


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