Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 49: Do You Trust Me?

Chapter 49: Do You Trust Me?

“Listen, kid, you need to work on your patience limit.” Min Yu seemed to have sighed in between his comment. His gentle voice brushed past her ears like a breeze.

Huo Yao moved her finger away from the call disconnect button on the phone. She rolled her eyes and asked again. “So, are you going to help me?”

Min Yu grinned. “Are you in a rush?”

Huo Yao thought about it and gave him an honest answer. “Not really. But, if you have time today, it’ll be the best.”

“Sure. Text me the address. I will send someone to pick it up.”

“Thank you. I’ll send you the location later. ”

Huo Yao ended the call as soon as she finished speaking. She opened up her WeChat and found the contact number of the ‘neighbor boy’. Without any hesitation, she sent the location of her community to him.


Min Yu received Huo Yao’s message, and replied with an ‘OK’. He looked up and saw his subordinates who were standing not far away from him. Every one of them looked shocked.

Min Yu squinted and the kind expression on his face faded away, instantly. “That will be all for today. Dismissed.”

His voice was cold.

So cold that his subordinates trembled. Quaking with fear, those subordinates looked away and hurried out without making any sound.

Zhuo Yun was the last to leave, and Min Yu stopped him.

“Zhuo Yun, I need you to pick something up.”

Zhuo Yun halted, and gazed at his boss in silence for a few seconds. Post that, he asked, with extreme caution. “Picking something up from Huo Yao?”

Min Yu twirled his phone and answered. “Mm.”

The look on Zhuo Yun’s face was complicated. Nonetheless, no matter how many questions he had, he couldn’t dare ask even one of them. He nodded as a reply and turned around to leave.

The moment Zhuo Yun was about to step out of the door, Min Yu, who had been leaning against his chair, stood up all of a sudden. “Never mind. I will go myself.”

Zhuo Yun, “...”

Are you still the boss that I know?


Twenty minutes later, Min Yu arrived in Huo Yao’s neighborhood.

He sent Huo Yao a WeChat message to inform her of his arrival. Soon, he saw a slender girl coming out from the aged iron gate.

He lowered the car window and gazed at the girl as she came closer. A trace of curiosity was visible in his handsome face. “Why don’t you go to your grandma’s house yourself since it’s the weekend?”

Huo Yao gave him the wooden box and answered calmly. “Today is not a good day.”

Min Yu glanced at the wooden box and then grinned at Huo Yao. “Your foster mother wouldn’t let you visit, right?”

Huo Yao glared at him. It was some time before she gave a response. “For those who don’t know better, would think that you have planted a surveillance camera around me.”

Min Yu chuckled and shook his head. “Your family’s problem is obvious. It’s not that hard to figure out.”

Huo Yao clasped her fists like a swordswoman from the ancient times. “Thank you for helping me out. I will buy you dinner someday.”

Min Yu raised his eyebrows. “Do you honestly have so much trust in me?”

Huo Yao was about to go back when she heard his question and halted. A gentle breeze was flowing, bringing some hair to her cheeks.

She tucked the loose hair behind her ear and cast her eyes on Min Yu. A distant smile sprang on her face. “That’s not the reason. Actually, this thing is not so expensive.”

With that said, she left. What a tsundere girl!

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