Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 48: Two Large Transfers Of Money

Chapter 48: Two Large Transfers Of Money

Huo Yao was in the midst of pulling out her suitcase, which she had brought back from the county, from the closet when she heard her phone chime.

But she didn’t go and check her phone immediately. Instead, she took her time to open her suitcase and dug out a long, rectangular box from it.

The box contained incense sticks as long as the length of one’s finger. There weren’t too many left in the box, but they should be enough to last Grandma Yang a month or two. Huo Yao closed the box and put it on the desk.

At that time, she heard the notification of her WeChat again.

She only picked up her phone after she had placed the suitcase back into the closet. Surprised, she saw two messages informing her of money transfers.

She unlocked her phone and opened WeChat.

The two transfers were from her mom and dad, who were currently sitting downstairs. They had sent identical sums of 10,000 yuan respectively, which was quite a lot.

Huo Yao rubbed her forehead. Her parent’s actions befuddled her. She held her phone and spent a long time thinking about something. Eventually, she sent her parents two question marks instead of accepting the transfer.

Soon, Ms. Song, which was Song Ning’s WeChat name, sent a message: [Honey, this is your allowance for next week. Come on, accept it. Kisses~ Mommy loves you~]

Huo Yao stared at her mother’s reply, silently.

A few seconds later, she wrote back: [... I still have money.]

Ms. Song: [No problem, just take it. It’s from mommy. There is no harm for a girl to have a bit more money.]

Ms. Song: [Honey, if you don’t take it, I will have no other choice but to buy you more clothes with this money!]

Huo Yao looked at the closet full of clothes, still in mint condition. Her mouth twitched. She clicked the button to accept the money, immediately.

At the same time, she saw a message from her father, as well.

I Am Huo Yuanjia: [Honey, last time you told me that cash was not convenient to use. Hence, I went to the bank to activate my online banking account. I have just added that to my WeChat. Come on and accept this money.]

Huo Yao was speechless.

I would have believed you if the story was a little more authentic sounding.

Soon, she began to type her reply.

Medicine Pill: [If I don’t accept it, you are going to give me the money in another way, aren’t you?]

I Am Huo Yuanjia: [Wow, baby, you are so smart!]

Medicine Pill: [... Alright.]

Therefore, Huo Yao received two large sums of money, despite still being puzzled about the reason for it. As a matter of fact, in the following days to come, she would receive her parents’ transfers regularly and forcefully, which they referred to as, ‘allowance’.

Huo Yao ended her conversation with both of them and turned around to face her desk. After a few seconds, she pulled up a number from the contact list and made a call.

Soon, the call went through, and she heard a deep and refreshing male voice. “Kid, to what do I owe the pleasure of this call?”

Huo Yao curled her lips at the word ‘kid’. However, since she was going to ask him for something, she didn’t bother to correct the nickname. “Are you busy? I need some help.”

Min Yu waved his hand to stop his men from continuing with their reports. He leaned against the chair and went on. “Do tell. What do you need me to do?”

Huo Yao did not beat around the bush and came straight to the point. “Help me send something to Grandma Yang.”

Min Yu initially thought she had encountered something grave but her demand was unexpected.

Min Yu didn’t say anything for a while which Huo Yao interpreted as that he was unwilling to help out. “Never mind. I know you are busy.”

Saying so, she was ready to hang up.

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