Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 50: Huo Yao’s Extraordinary Ability?

Chapter 50: Huo Yao’s Extraordinary Ability?

Even though the girl was walking further and further away, Min Yu kept gazing in her direction. After a long time, he recovered and broke into a laugh, shaking his head. How tsundere was she!

Zhuo Yun was on the driver’s seat, and had witnessed his boss’s reaction by looking through the rear view mirror. Hou Yao’s arrogance didn’t seem to annoy Min Yu, at all. Again, Zhuo Yun asked himself if this person indeed was his boss.

Someone must have switched his boss with an impostor!

“Go.” Min Yu cast a glance at Zhuo Yun. The former’s voice had turned indifferent, nothing like the warm honeyed version from a few minutes ago.

Zhuo Yun, “...”

Nope. His boss has not changed.

Zhuo Yun started the car and, at the same time, threw a glance at the wooden box which Min Yu was holding.

Out of curiosity, Zhuo Yun said, “This box seemed to be pretty old. I wonder what is inside.”

Min Yu lowered his eyes. The box was made of sandalwood with relievo on its edges. The corners of the box looked worn down, and the color of the box was deep. Therefore, it did appear to be from ancient times.

However, a mark on the edge of the box seemed to be familiar. Min Yu thought hard for a minute. He seemed to have seen it somewhere.

Deep in thought, Min Yu touched the lever on the box but eventually decided not to look inside. He put it on the seat and looked outside through the window. He cautioned Zhuo Yun in a soft voice. “Curiosity killed the cat.”

Zhuo Yun, “...”

Does this Huo Yao possess some extraordinary powers?

About half an hour later, Zhuo Yun drove Min Yu to the community where Grandma Yang lived.

“I’ll go and drop it.” Zhuo Yun shifted the gear into parking and unfastened his safety belt.

Min Yu cast his sight on the wooden box. “No. Let me. You wait here.” Min Yu turned down Zhuo Yun’s proposal.

This answer startled Zhuo Yun yet again. He took a second to calm himself down before he cautioned Min Yu. “Be careful.”

Min Yu glared at him. “Don’t be so high-strung all the time.”

Then, Min Yu got off with the wooden box in his hand. In the car, Zhuo Yun touched his nose and grumbled. “Being vigilant is my second nature!”


Min Yu got into the elevator and soon arrived on Grandma Yang’s floor. He pushed the doorbell button.

About a couple of minutes later, the inner door opened. Grandma Yang opened the security door after she saw the person standing outside, clearly. “Min Yu, I am glad to see you here.”

Min Yu smiled politely at her. “Hi, Grandma Yang.”

“Come on in.”

Grandma Yang found a pair of clean slippers for him and said, “How did you find time to come today? Do you not have classes?”

Min Yu changed into the slippers and followed Grandma Yang into the living room. “I have the afternoon off, so I could come and see you.”

Min Yu took a look at the living room and gave her the wooden box. “Grandma Yang, Huo Yao asked me to bring this to you this afternoon.”

Grandma Yang was holding a cup of water which she was about to give to Min Yu. His words startled her. Her hands trembled, and the cup fell from her hand to the ground. With a clang, the cup broke into pieces, and water spilled everywhere.

Min Yu put the wooden box on the side table and said, “Grandma Yang, let me take care of it.”

He reached out and helped Grandma Yang to the sofa. He was about to go and clean up the broken glasses when Grandma Yang grabbed his arm.

Her face was pale. She stared at Min Yu, lips trembling. With tremendous efforts, she managed to shake a full sentence out of her mouth, “Yaoyao... She won’t come to see me anymore, is it?”

To his surprise, Min Yu found that Grandma Yang looked badly shaken up at this moment.

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