Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 41: Dispirited Grandma

Chapter 41: Dispirited Grandma

Huo Jinyan immediately began to counter his wife’s words with logical reasoning.”I suggest that you give up on this idea. The day our daughter came back, you consciously distanced yourself from Xiaxia. You even told her to start calling you Aunt Song. Are you under the impression that Xiaxia was not hurt by your words?”

Song Ning produced a weak smile.

She said, “I was mad at Xiaxia that day. She knew that Yaoyao had just come back from the countryside and she deliberately rubbed that in Yaoyao’s face. If there were other people around, they would belittle Yaoyao because of this. Yaoyao would have been the one upset if I hadn’t used those harsh words on Xiaxia. Don’t you think?”

Taking a deep breath, Song Ning continued. “Xiaxia grew up in our family. Though she is not our biological kid, I have always treated her as my child. Do you think that I am happy to see her sad?”

She treasured both the girls but Song Ning could not deny that she cared more about her biological daughter. That was the power of a blood bond.

Besides, Song Ning had raised Lu Xia for 17 years and never treated Lu Xia unfairly. On the other hand, Song Ning’s biological daughter, Huo Yao had supposedly been raised by a wealthy family. But the truth was that she was abandoned and sent to that remote county by the Lu Family.

It was her grandmother who took care of Huo Yao since childhood. As a result, Huo Yao became a stay-at-home child, who grew up in a harsh environment. How lonely Huo Yao must have been when she was a kid!

Every time these thoughts came to her mind, Song Ning would feel her heart ache for her daughter. Now that her biological daughter had come back, Song Ning wanted to try her best to make up for the years gone by.

Song Ning felt herself sinking into a swirl of guilt. Huo Jinyan put his arm around her shoulders and comforted her in a gentle voice. “Yaoyao is a good kid. Everyone likes her and Yanxi will, as well. Give it some time.”


It was Sunday. Huo Yao bought some presents before her visit to Yang Qiuhua.

Yang Qiuhua was living in an apartment for the elderly in the downtown area. The community had a nice environment. Without schools or large shopping malls around, this community was quiet and suitable for the elderly.

He Xiaoman was a mean and pretentious person. But, she did treat her mom well.

Before Huo Yao reached the place, she called up Yang Qiuhua and informed her about her visit. Soon after she rang the doorbell, the door was opened.

Yang Qiuhua teared up when she saw Huo Yao. Hurriedly, she asked Huo Yao to come inside.

The apartment was spacious and the decoration was of good quality as well. The place had all the necessary appliances, yet somehow, it seemed lonely.

Huo Yao took all of this in a glance. Her grandma was busy, getting her fruit and water. She was so ill at ease as if she were the kid here.

“Grandma, take a rest. Come, sit down and talk to me.”

Yang Qiuhua sat on the sofa and rested her eyes on Huo Yao. After a long time, she finally began to talk. “You look good. I can tell that your parents are treating you well.”

Huo Yao smiled and replied. “Yes, indeed. They wanted to visit you along with me. But I refused, in case it would be an intrusion.”

Yang Qiuhua nodded and said, “Maybe another day. Ask them to come and visit when time permits. Today, I just want to have a good chat with you.”

Even Yang Qiuhua’s wrinkles were brimming with happiness at this moment. However, the dark circles under her eyes were more pronounced and she appeared to be low on spirits.

Huo Yao grabbed her hand and put her finger on Yang Qiuhua’s wrist. “Have you been having trouble sleeping?”

Afraid that Huo Yao would be worried, Yang Qiuhua said hastily, “No. I have been sleeping just fine.”

As a matter of fact, ever since Yang Qiuhua arrived here, she was facing trouble falling asleep, every night.

Huo Yao asked her another question right after. “Have you been taking your medicine on time?”

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