Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 40: Bring Lu Xia And Huo Yao Closer

Chapter 40: Bring Lu Xia And Huo Yao Closer

Song Ning was embarrassed that her daughter had seen through her. “Not really. I am just wondering who you went to dinner with. Your classmate?”

So, this was what had been bothering her.

Huo Yao shook her head and said, “No.”

Song Ning put forward another question, gingerly. “A boy or a girl?”

Huo Yao looked at Song Ning, and replied patiently. “With a guy, who was my next-door neighbor in the county. I once helped him out and happened to run into him today. So, he treated me to dinner.”

Song Ning looked into her daughter’s eyes. Seeing how sincere she was, somehow, Song Ning felt guilty about all those filthy thoughts she had on her mind.

Awkwardly, she touched her nose and gave up on asking more questions.

In a gentle voice, Song Ning said, “Oh, I see. Don’t misunderstand me. I am just worried that staying out too late is dangerous. You are a girl.”

Huo Yao could not understand what was really on Song Ning’s mind, but she had a hunch. She answered obediently. “I understand.”

Hearing her sweet voice, once again, Song Ning felt guilty about her speculation. “You must be tired after your first day at school. Go and take a shower. Don’t stay up too late.”

“Oh, and I have kept some warm milk for you. Take it upstairs with you and drink it before going to bed.”

Song Ning hurried to the kitchen as she said so and took out the milk which had been kept in the heat-insulated box. She handed it over to Huo Yao with a smile.

“Sure. Thanks, mom.”

After Huo Yao went upstairs with the milk, Song Ning heaved a sigh.

She went back to the living room and sat down besides her husband. She started blaming herself. “I am not a good mom. How can I question my daughter’s integrity?”

Huo Jinyan patted her hand. “I have told you that you need to trust your daughter more. Don’t speculate wildly just because of some rumors.”

Song Ning glared at him. “It is our oldest son who misled me, today. He called me and said something about paying attention to the friends Yaoyao was making. That is why... Never mind. Let me call him. I have to ask him why he dislikes his sister!”

Song Ning was really angry. Huo Jinyan shook his head and stopped her before she could dial the number.

“Yanxi and Yaoyao are on bad terms. If you call and question him now, it will only deepen their misunderstanding. Don’t you think?”

Song Ning’s fingers stopped and she threw the phone away.

After a moment, she said in an upset voice, “This is such a headache.”

“I don’t think that this is such a big problem. Yaoyao has just come back, and they don’t know each other well. Don’t push them.”

Compared to Song Ning who was overthinking, Huo Jinyan was more composed.

Song Ning heaved another sigh and leaned against the soft cushion on the sofa. Suddenly, something came to her mind.

She sat up again and said, “I almost forgot about this. Xiaxia is friends with Yanxi. I can ask Xiaxia to act as a mediator between them.”

Huo Jinyan squinted at her and shook his head again. He disapproved of the idea. “Have you forgotten? It was because Yanxi mentioned Xiaxia that he and Yaoyao became estranged.”

“I didn’t forget. I am just saying that Xiaxia is a kind girl, and she studies at No.1 Middle School, as well. If I ask her to get to know Yaoyao more, it will be the first step to patch things up between Yaoyao and Yanxi.”

As a mom, Song Ning felt that her mind was forever occupied with her children.

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