Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 42: Scared Of Her

Chapter 42: Scared Of Her

Yang Qiuhua nodded without hesitation, like a student answering the teacher’s question. “Yes. I didn’t forget what you had told me. I have been taking them regularly and haven’t missed the dose even once.”

Huo Yao took her finger back. “Do you still have the incense that I gave you?”

“Yes... I use some every night.” When Yang Qiuhua answered this question, she was visibly hesitant.

Huo Yao grinned wickedly. “If you had, you wouldn’t have experienced palpitations and insomnia.”

Yang Qiuhua lowered her head at once. It was some time before she continued. “Actually when I moved here, I forgot to bring the incense with me.”

A dark glint arose in Huo Yao’s eyes. But she still sounded composed and asked in a casual voice. “Is that so?”

Every time Yang Qiuhua saw her granddaughter speaking in a serious tone, her heart would start to race. Still, Yang Qiuhua worked up the courage to say, “Yes. I am not lying to you.”

Huo Yao smiled. She did not refute it even though Yang QIuhua was visibly hiding something. She got up and stood behind Yang Qiuhua. She began to rub her grandmother’s head with her long, slim fingers. “Relax. Let me give you a message.”

Yang Qiuhua wanted to say that she didn’t need to do this. However, she held herself back when she saw the expressions on Huo Yao’s face.

Yang Qiuhua didn’t know when it happened but now she felt a bit afraid of her granddaughter when the latter was serious. Yang Qiuhua felt like she could never hide anything from her granddaughter ever.

Yang Qiuhua was the senior. However, somehow, she felt like she was the kid in this relationship.

Half an hour later, Huo Yao stopped the massage and asked her gently. “How do you feel?”

Yang Qiuhua opened her eyes. Embarrassed, she answered with a smile. “It was so comfortable that I fell asleep.”

Then, she turned to look at Huo Yao’s hands. “You were doing this for such a long time. You must be tired by now.”

Huo Yao picked up the cup kept on the side table and sipped some water from it. “Not really. I will get you some incense the next time I come.”

“Sure.” Yang Qiuhua nodded happily.

Incense was not what she desired. She was just happy that her granddaughter would come again to see her.

Yang Qiuhua felt much better today. She talked for a bit with Huo Yao, and then went to the kitchen.

“I bought your favorite things today. We have ribs and yellow croakers. I will go and cook them. Just hang in the living room for now. We will have lunch soon...”

Huo Yao gazed at her grandma as she went on and on. Huo Yao’s mind began to wander to the past. This was just like when they lived in the small county city.

Huo Yao had nothing to do, so she walked around the room and then went to the kitchen. She leaned against the door frame and watched as her grandma prepared lunch.

Out of the blue, the doorbell rang.

Since Yang Qiuhua was still cooking, she told Huo Yao to get the door. It could be the guy delivering bottled water.

Huo Yao opened the door and saw a few people standing outside. She was not particularly surprised.

“What are you doing here?”

It was He Xiaoman and Lu Xia at the door, with a Lu Family butler who was carrying several boxes of foods and medicines of highly nutritious value.

He Xiaoman pulled a long face, the moment she saw Huo Yao.

But Huo Yao only spared a casual glance in her direction. She turned around and went into the apartment without even greeting He Xiaoman.

“So rude!” He Xiaoman snorted.

Lu Xia didn’t expect to meet Huo Yao here, either. She calmed He Xiaoman down whose mood had turned sour. “Mom, relax. Let’s go inside.”

Yang Qiuhua turned the gas to a simmer and came out of the kitchen. “Yaoyao, is it the water guy...”

She wasn’t able to finish her sentence when she saw He Xiaoman. The smile froze on her face.

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