Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 36: The Beautiful And Chic New Classmate!

Chapter 36: The Beautiful And Chic New Classmate!

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Chen Yu asked Huo Yao to introduce herself to the class.

Dozens of eyes fixed on her face did not throw Huo Yao into panic. In a composed manner, she turned around, picked up a magic marker, and wrote down her name, ‘Huo Yao’ on the whiteboard.

Her handwriting was graceful, and she used the regular script that few people could master. Her strokes were dignified and elegant, which matched her cool vibe.

“Good god, this transfer student is so good looking and so is her handwriting. I cannot take my eyes off from her.”

“Why is my heart racing?”

“Look at her face. I can sense her temperament. I have decided that this new transfer student is now my muse!”

Chen Yu heard her students murmuring in the class. She frowned and cleared her throat again. All of a sudden, the noisy discussions quietened down.

She told Huo Yao to take the empty seat in the last row by the window on the right side of the classroom. Then, Chen Yu started lecturing her students on focussing their minds on their study and told them to make the best of this self-study class before she left the class.

As soon as she went away, the classroom that had been as silent as a graveyard, became noisy again. Huo Yao was the hot topic of discussion, currently.

The girl sitting next to her said, “Hi, I am Meng Ying. Since, we will be deskmates from now on, feel free to ask me if you have any questions.”

Meng Yin had a doll-like face and delicate features. She appeared to be a kind and adorable girl.

Huo Yao turned to her and raised an eyebrow in a flirty way. “Then, can I borrow your chemistry test book, my darling?”

Meng Yin stared at Huo Yao in a daze. Her porcelain skin turned red because of the ‘my darling’ remark from Huo Yao. Meng Yin covered her face with her hands at once.

Good heavens. How enticing was this new student! Meng Yin’s princess-like heart could not handle this flirtation.

Huo Yao was utterly confused about the girl’s reaction. She was merely asking to borrow her book and nothing else.

It took Meng Yin quite a while to calm her throbbing heart down. Finally, she remembered that Huo Yao had asked to borrow her book. She took out her chemistry book from her desk drawer and handed it over. “Here you go.”

Huo Yao gave her a gentle smile and said, “Thank you.”

Again, Meng Yin felt her heart beginning to race. She only managed to stutter her answer after a pause, “You... you’re welcome.”

Huo Yao threw her another look with a smile and then began to go through the textbook.

Meng Yin gulped. She felt tremendously happy to be seated next to this girl, who was both beautiful and special!

Besides, the new student seemed to be fond of studying. Meng Ying chided herself and took out a book for herself as well.


The power of public voice was strong. Within one morning, the entire senior grade had found out that an almost perfect girl had transferred to Experimental Class Three.

Some students came to the classroom to check out Huo Yao during the breaks, purely because of curiosity.

All the students who passed by her class, started talking about how beautiful this transfer student was.

Soon, those words reached Lu Xia’s ears.

Lu Xia was in the Rocket Class. Her grades were good and she ranked above average in the class. When she found out that in merely a few hours, Hua Yao had stirred up such a sensation, Lu Xia was frustrated beyond measure.

Since she was in the Star Training Camp, she had become quite popular across the school. Before Huo Yao came in, she was recognized as the muse for many people and also the official campus belle. No one had been able to take that position away from her in a long time.

However, she felt a sense of crisis building up inside her right now.

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