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Chapter 35: Anything Wrong With The Transfer Student?

Chapter 35: Anything Wrong With The Transfer Student?

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Chen Yu wondered. Was there any problem with this transfer student?

She was ready to voice her doubts. “Sir, this...”

But the Dean waved his hand impatiently. “The Principal has invited some honorable guests over. I have to go now.”

Even before the sound of his voice died away... he was gone.

Chen Yu stared at the Dean’s receding figure. A moment later, she turned to look at Wei Mingzhe. “Mr. Wei, did the Dean try to assign the transfer student to your class earlier?”

Wei Mingzhe and Chen Yu were always in competition with each other. After all, one of them was leading the Rocket Classes and the other one, the Experimental Classes. Though the Rocket Classes were better than the Experimental Classes, Wei Mingzhe was still afraid that a dark horse student could join the Experimental Classes, and could defeat his batch.

He cleared his throat. “Yes. But I turned her down. After all, not all students can come to our Rocket Classes.”

Chen Yu could hear that Wei Mingzhe was mocking her, showing off that he would continue to be the winner. Still, she remained calm. “Wei Mingzhe, what do you mean by this? Didn’t the transfer student get in with a perfect score?”

Wei Mingzhe shrugged. “I don’t know. Don’t ask me. I don’t care if she is a good student or not, or if she has perfect scores. She is all yours.”

Chen Yu’s expressions underwent a change. Though Wei Mingzhe did not say directly what was wrong with the transfer student, it was not difficult for her to guess his meaning.

The school might have admitted this transfer student using ‘perfect score’ as a cover.

No wonder Wei Mingzhe would gloat about this issue.

To refuse Huo Yao was not possible for her at this moment. Hence, Chen Yu took a deep breath and went into the office.

When she saw the girl in the office, the former was surprised again. It turned out that the transfer student was the one whom she met at the Principal’s office.

Back then, she had been busy collecting her documents and assumed that this girl was in another year. She never expected that... the girl would end up in her class.

For a moment, Chen Yu’s emotions became complicated. She cleared her throat and said, “Huo Yao, from now on, you are a member of Experimental Class Three. I am your class adviser, Chen Yu. Let’s go.”

Chen Yu’s tone was not bad, per se, but it was not kind, either.

Huo Yao had been in the office all this while and unfortunately, managed to hear the entire conversation which happened outside.

No one would be happy when they had to accept a seemingly ‘problematic’ transfer student.

Therefore, Huo Yao understood why Chen Yu would have a detached attitude towards her.

Huo Yao replied politely. “Ok, Ma’am.”

Chen Yu could not help but give another look to Huo Yao. This pretty girl was gentle, neither humble nor pushy.

People were visual creatures. When looking at beautiful artifacts or people, no matter how bad one’s mood would be, their emotions would mostly change for the better. That applied to Chen Yu as well.

She remembered that Huo Yao was from a remote county city. People said that kids from small places were more mature and thoughtful. No wonder, Huo Yao appeared to be sensible.

Never mind. Because of Huo Yao’s good manners, Chen Yu decided that she would accept the transfer student wholeheartedly, no matter how bad her scores were.


Soon, Chen Yu had brought Huo Yao to their classroom.

The classroom was full of noise and clamor. However, everyone settled down as soon as Chen Yu came in.

Chen Yu was strict with her students, and always maintained a strict look. She was known as the female devil. Many students in the class were scared of her.

Chen Yu was happy that her students knew how to behave. She cleared her throat, turned around, and introduced Huo Yao to the class. “She is a new student who transferred from another school. Remember to help her from now on.”

Chen Yu left out the part that Huo Yao was from a small county city.

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