Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 34: Don’t Regret Your Decision!

Chapter 34: Don’t Regret Your Decision!

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Had the Dean gone crazy? He was ready to accept the fact that a student had enrolled by exploiting a personal connection. But why did the Dean have to make it worse by assigning this student to his class?

Keeping Huo Yao’s grades aside, every student of Wei Mingzhe’s Rocket Class was an elite. The senior year was the most crucial year in a student’s academic life. If the parents found out that a student got into his class by taking advantage of some connections, the parents would create a huge scene.

Hence, even at the risk of offending the Dean, Wei Mingzhe refused this immediately.

“Sir, I think you should assign Huo Yao to another class. My class is fully occupied. If I take one more student in, it will affect the performance of other students.”

He sounded pretty determined. Embarrassed, the Dean cast a glance at Huo Yao. The Principal had gone through many troubles just to persuade the transfer student to come to their school.

The Dean cleared his throat and said to Huo Yao, “Huo Yao, please give me a moment.” Then, he winked at Wei Mingzhe and stepped out of the office.

With a frown, Wei Mingzhe followed the Dean out.


Before the Dean could say anything to persuade Wei Mingzhe, the latter interrupted him. “Dean, I know what you are going to say. However, all of the Rocket Class are great performers, star students. I don’t need a new student to come in and drag them down.”

The Dean was baffled. “No, that will not be an issue. You don’t know that Huo Yao is...”

“Forget it. Please don’t waste your time anymore on this. There is no way that I will accept this transfer student.”

The Dean finally lost his temper seeing that Wei Mingzhe was being so stubborn. “I am going to ask you this one last time. Are you going to accept her?”


The Dean burst into an angry laughter and said with a sneer, “Do not regret your decision!”

Wei Mingzhe was offended by the Dean’s warning words and attitude. He understood the reason for this reaction and retaliated firmly. “Never!”

“Fine.” The Dean took a deep breath and dropped the subject.

Right at that moment, the female teacher who had shown Huo Yao to the Office of Academic Affairs happened to come there. Sensing the odd atmosphere between the two, she asked with a frown. “What is going on with the both of you?”

The Dean’s temper was still volatile. He turned to the female teacher at once. “I want to assign a transfer student to your class. Will you take her or not?”

The female teacher was Chen Yu.

The Dean’s words startled her. It took her a minute to understand the question. “Transfer student? Do you mean the one who passed the online exam with a perfect score and was mentioned by the Principal at the meeting, the other day?”

“Yes!” The Dean stared at her with an ardent zeal in his eyes.

Before Chen Yu could share her thoughts, he had made the call for her. “It’s settled then. From now on, Huo Yao will be a member of your Experimental Class. She is in the office, right now. Mrs. Chen, take her to your class.”

Just like any key middle school, the No.1 Middle School had set up different levels of classes based on the students’ performances. The best students were in the Rocket Class,while the second-best class was the Experimental Class. Those with average grades were in the average classes.

Of course, even the students in the average classes here were better than the students in the key classes of other prominent high schools.

The Principal had originally intended to assign Huo Yao to the Rocket Class. However, no one had anticipated that Wei Mingzhe would not accept her, no matter what. Therefore, the Dean had no other choice but to assign Huo Yao to the Experimental Class.

It was not the best class but it beat the average ones.

Chen Yu, who had just been forcefully fed a transfer student, was still in a daze. She noticed how Wei Mingzhe breathed in a sigh of relief and her heart skipped a beat.

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