Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 33: Welcome To No.1 Middle School

Chapter 33: Welcome To No.1 Middle School

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Huo Yao arrived at the Principal’s office, only to find the door closed. No one answered even when she knocked on the door.

The Principal must be away.

Frustrated, Huo Yao heaved a sigh. “Why is it so hard just to enroll in a crappy high school?”

All of a sudden, she missed the olden days when she didn’t have to go to school.

Damn the transmigration!

Huo Yao left from there, unhappy and disgruntled and happened to meet a female teacher on her way. The female teacher pulled a long face when she saw Huo Yao and her voice was mean. “Hey, the class is about to begin. What are you still doing here?”

Huo Yao halted and blinked innocently. “Ma’am, I am a transfer student. I am here to ask which class I am assigned to.”

The teacher’s anger dissipated. “You should register at the Office of Academic Affairs. This is the Principal’s office. He is busy and does not have time for this.”

With that, the teacher hurried inside the Principal’s office. She didn’t knock on the door. By swiping her card, she was allowed in.

Not long afterward, the same teacher came out with a file in her hand. She was surprised to see Huo Yao still standing here. “Why haven’t you left? Didn’t I tell you to go to the Office of Academic Affairs?”


“Never mind. Come with me. The office is on my way.” She shook her head and strode ahead leaving Huo Yao no choice but to follow her.

After many twists and turns, Huo Yao was back at the Office of Academic Affairs.

“Mr. Wei, look up information about this transfer student. See which class she should be in. The class is about to begin. Don’t hold her up.” Before Wei Mingzhe could say anything, the teacher spoke up hastily.

In the office, Wei Mingzhe and Huo Yao gazed at each other in speechless dismay.

Wei Mingzhe didn’t feel like seeing this student who had gotten into the school by using backhand methods. However, because of the Dean’s attitude, Wei Mingzhe decided to ignore his dissatisfaction. With a clouded face, he went to his desk, picked up the landline, and dialed a number.

Everything about Wei Mingzhe’s body language indicated that he was upset, which came as a surprise to Huo Yao. She remembered the first time when she walked in, he had been kind to her. What happened during this time?

Were all the teachers at No.1 Middle School quick at changing face without reason?

Having finished his call, Wei Mingzhe sat down behind his desk. Post that, he said coldly, “Stand over there and wait.”

He didn’t even bother to look at Huo Yao.

Soon, the Dean who had gone to look for Huo Yao, came in. When he cast his sight on Huo Yao, he felt that he could finally breathe.

“Huo Yao, welcome to No.1 Middle School.”

Huo Yao nodded politely to him. After pausing for two seconds, she began to explain her trouble. “A security guard took away my Acceptance Letter. Can I still register?”

The Dean answered right away. “It is okay. The Acceptance Letter is just a formality and it will not affect your registration. I will send someone to ask the guard about this matter.”

Huo Yao darted a casual glance at Wei Mingzhe. She breathed in relief and said in a sweet voice, “That will be really helpful. Thank you.”

Feeling Huo Yao’s glance, Wei Mingzhe felt that he had shot himself with his own words.


The Dean failed to notice the weird vibe between Huo Yao and Wei Mingzhe and turned to address Wei Mingzhe. “Mr. Wei, I am going to assign Miss Huo to your class. You must take good care of her!”

Those words left Wei Mingzhe astonished and upset!

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