Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 37: Huo Yao Is Not Like That

Chapter 37: Huo Yao Is Not Like That

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“Xiaxia, look at this photo.”

Lu Xia’s deskmate and her most loyal sidekick, Chang Yingying handed over her phone to Lu Xia.

The person in the photo was none other than Huo Yao, the girl who was the hot topic in every discussion on campus at the moment.

“She has taken a transfer in the Experimental Classes. I think she looks quite pretty.” The gossiping nature in Chang Yingying kicked in as she commented on the picture.

Lu Xia cast her eyes on the phone.

The photo only captured the side profile of Huo Yao, and was a little hazy. Despite that, Lu Xia felt as if Huo Yao was proclaiming loudly that she was the most outstanding person, different from the masses.

For a second, Lu Xia’s eyes lost their shine. Since the day she met Huo Yao, she had known that Huo Yao’s prettiness would catch people’s attention. But Lu Xia didn’t expect that this day would come so soon.

She could not quite figure out why Huo Yao seemed so different than what she had expected her to be.

She had heard that Huo Yo was a coward who lived with a sense of inferiority complex during her growing years!

Lu Xia suppressed the questions which she had and lowered her gaze. By the time she looked up, there were no signs of unhappiness visible on her face. She agreed with Chang Yingying’s comment in a gentle voice. “Yes, she is pretty.”

Chang Yingying felt scared all of a sudden. How could she praise another girl’s looks in front of her muse?

Wasn’t this an insult to her?

Bothered by this thought, Chang Yingying took her phone away at once and put it on her desk, screen down.

Then Chang Yingying smiled and said, “Anyways, she can never be more beautiful than my Xiaxia. You are our campus belle. A transfer student that has come from nowhere can never compare with you.”

Lu Xia lowered her eyelids and reproached her in a low voice. “Yingying, you cannot say that. Huo Yao is from a county city, but no one can deny that she looks good.”

“Huo Yao? Xiaxia, do you know that transfer student? Is she from the countryside?” Chang Yingying felt that she had stumbled across a juicy piece of gossip.

Lu Xia covered her mouth as if regretting her slip of the tongue. After a while, she whispered. “You can say so. She grew up in the Lu Family earlier.”

Chang Yingying stared at her in astonishment. “So, she is the fake daughter, that imposter?”

The campus belle’s strange life story was well known in the school.

Lu Xia replied in a severe voice. “Hush, Yingying, keep your voice down. Don’t let anyone hear you.”

Chang Yingying pouted. “Letting other people hear me is not bad. She is an imposter, to begin with. She enjoyed being a daughter of a rich family for over a decade while you lived in the poor family which she originally belonged to... I take my words back. She is not pretty!”

Lu Xia cast a look downwards, and a faint grin flashed across her lips. She patted Chang Yingying’s shoulder and said to her, “You cannot let anyone know about this. After all, Huo Yao is innocent.”

But Chang Yingying sneered in response. “Aren’t you innocent as well?”

She did not attach much weight to Lu Xia’s words. “Xiaxia, you are too kind. She can take advantage of you!”

But Lu Xia defended Huo Yao, ardently. “No, Huo Yao is not like that.”

“Anyways, don’t let me find out any dirt on her. Or, I will make her life miserable.” Chang Yingying declared, coldly.

Lu Xia grinned but said nothing else.


Before Huo Yao left school in the afternoon, Chen Yu told her to stop by the office to finish her enrollment procedure. She was also going to give her a temporary student card.

When she was getting the IDcard ready, Chen Yu thought of something that the Dean had told her.

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