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Chapter 23: I Shouldn’t Have Come Back

Chapter 23: I Shouldn’t Have Come Back

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“Giving you a ride to school won’t cost me much time.” Huo Yanxi was feeling guilty that he had been prejudiced by his first impression about her. Hence, he insisted on giving her a ride.

Huo Yao had finished her meal. She put down her chopsticks and looked at Huo Yanxi. She was about to say ‘yes’ when he added the following words.

“Xiaxia is studying in No.1 Middle School as well. I promised her that I would give her a ride on the first day of school. You are not familiar with the school, yet. With the help of Xiaxia...”

Before he could finish, Huo Yao cut him off and spoke the next set of words, coldly, “No thanks. I can take care of myself.”

Her words were followed by a cynical smile.

Then, she stood up and said to Song Ning and Huo Jinyan, “Mom, dad, I’ll go to my room now.”

Having said that, she left even before her parents nodded their approval.

Huo Yanxi came back to his senses with a frown. Was Huo Yao throwing a tantrum because he mentioned that he was going to drive Xiaxia to school?

He said to his parents in an annoyed manner, “Has she been behaving like this since she came home?”

He felt really stupid that he had felt sorry for her, momentarily.

Song Ning gazed at her son. She understood why he was asking this. But instinctively, Song Ning defended her daughter.

“Yaoyao is a good girl. You are her big brother. You knew that she had just returned but you didn’t come to see her in such a long time. I believe she is not happy about that.”

Huo Yanxi knew he was somewhat in the wrong. Still, he added in a firm voice.

“She shouldn’t speak to us in this way even if she is unhappy. Mom, she has just returned to the family, for sure, but don’t overindulge her.”

Song Ning was offended by her son’s words. She slapped her palm on the table, angrily.

“First you tell me. Why do you dislike your sister so much? What did she ever do to you?”

Since his mom was about to lose her temper, Huo Yanxi stood up at once. He waved his hand and gave her a perfunctory answer.

“Alright, fine. This is my mistake. I shouldn’t have come back tonight. Bye.”

Not long afterward, the front door was banged shut.

Song Ning stared at the plates on the table with a troubled gaze. None of them had eaten much. “I thought Huo Yanxi got along with her on the day he picked her up.”

What was with the abnormal behavior today?

Huo Jinyan patted her shoulder to comfort her. “Don’t worry. Our daughter has just come back. They need some time to get familiar with each other.”

“I just think that Yanxi has the most stable personality out of the four of them and he should be able to get along well with Yaoyao. But just now...” Song Ning rubbed her temple.

Her migraine was coming back.

Her second, third, and fourth sons had not come back yet and they were the truly weird ones. God knows what kind of conflicts would happen when they come back.


After Huo Yanxi drove away from the neighborhood, he spent a lot of time thinking. Eventually, he called Lu Xia and asked her to meet him at a western-style restaurant near her home.

Half an hour later.

“Brother, it is so late at night. Is something wrong?”

Ever since Lu Xia participated in the ‘Star Training Camp’, she had earned countless fans and a little bit of fame. Now, whenever she went out, she would wear sunglasses and a mask. After she entered the private room, she took them off.

Huo Yanxi poured her some water. “No hurry. Let’s grab a bite first.”

He handed over the menu to Lu Xia.

Lu Xia ordered a steak for herself and settled back in her seat. She sipped some water and decided to sound him out.

“Have you come to see me because of Yaoyao’s school transfer?”

Last time, on their way back from the airport, she had mentioned about helping Huo Yao find a school. However, several days passed but no one from the Huo Family had called her.

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