Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 22: Is She Hercules?

Chapter 22: Is She Hercules?

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On Sunday, Huo Yao’s package arrived. The box was not particularly large, but it was heavy. Huo Jinyan had to exert all his might and even ask his wife for help, just to move the box from the door till the living room.

Song Ning made fun of her panting husband and said, “Remember to take the invigorator which Yaoyao gave you.”

Veins were popping on Huo Jinyan’s forehead due to exertion. He was so tired that he did not want to utter any response to his wife’s teasing.

Huo Yao came downstairs at that time to get some water and saw the box in the living room.

“Dear, your package has arrived.” Song Ning shouted to her.

Huo Yao put down her cup and walked over.

“What did your friend send you? It is quite heavy.” Song Ning was curious to know.

Huo Yao lowered her eyes and pulled her sleeves up.

With a shrug of her shoulders, she said, “Just some random things.”

While answering her, Huo Yao had already picked up the box. It seemed that her slender body contained unlimited strength.

“I am going back upstairs.”

From her voice, her parents could tell that she was not affected by the heaviness at all.

On the other hand, just a little while ago, Huo Jinyan had to make a strenuous effort in lifting the same box. He was in shock.


Was his daughter Hercules?

That box weighed easily over a dozen kilos. How could she lift it up with so much ease? She didn’t seem to have exerted any effort at all!

Song Ning was just as astonished. Looking at her slender build, she had always assumed her daughter to be an adorable, delicate, and gentle girl. At this moment, that image was collapsing in her mind.

Huo Yao had no idea that her casual act of picking up the box had left an indelible mark on her mom and dad’s hearts.

Before she transmigrated to this body, she had been extremely strong. Just after the transmigration, this body was very weak. However, after a year’s training and adjustments, this body was now even better than her old body.

Though this box weighed about 20 kilos, carrying it was a piece of cake for her.

She placed the box in her bedroom. Post that, Huo Yao spent the entire afternoon cooped up in the room without stepping out for even a moment.

Song Ning came to her door several times and wanted to knock at her door. But every time, she gave up.

Huo Yao came down at dinner time. The look on her delicate face indicated that she was tired.

Today, her big brother, Huo Yanxi had come home, which surprised Huo Yao. During the past few days, she had only met him once when he went to pick her up at the airport. He had not returned even once, since then.

Huo Yao wondered if he was too occupied or simply didn’t want to accept her as his younger sister.

Of course, Huo Yao did not care whether he would accept her or not.

Everyone was seated at the dinner table.

“Sister, I heard from mom that you are transferring to No.1 Middle School?” This seemed to be a troubling subject for Huo Yanxi.

That day, on their way home, she had mentioned that she was going to attend No.1 Middle School. At the time, he thought that she was merely bragging, and had despised her because of that. Therefore, after he dropped Lu Xia at her home, he didn’t come back to the house.

His mom had called him several times ever since then, else, he wouldn’t come back today as well.

God knows how stunned he was when his mom showed him the Acceptance Letter from the school.

Huo Yan always kept quiet when she was dining. After a long while, she raised her head slowly and looked at Huo Yanxi with her clear eyes.

She said, “Well... yes. I am going there tomorrow to register.”

Huo Yanxi looked into his sister’s pure and clear eyes. Somehow, he felt conflicted. After a moment, he mumbled. “Let me... give you a ride to school tomorrow.”

“Ah, thank you but no need. I can take a cab. You have to go to work.” Huo Yao thought that her answer was impeccably polite.

But her words upset Huo Yanxi even more.

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