Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 21: Any Experience In Transmigrating?

Chapter 21: Any Experience In Transmigrating?

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Soon, a validation text box popped up. Huo Yao typed in some words and passed the verification process. It was something which she was fairly familiar with. Only now did she get the actual access to the website.

Before she could read the page, the screen dimmed at once and a log-in dialog box came up.

Huo Yao stared at the computer screen emotionlessly and typed in her account name and password while shaking her head.

This crabby website was just as troublesome as before. Its doom must be inevitable.

Soon, a ding sound informed her that the log-in was successful. A row of glowing words in a big font, at the top of the webpage, caught her attention.

[At the Cloud Realm, you can buy anything that you can think of.]

Huo Yao had so many things which she wanted to hurl at this slogan.

Her lips twitched.

She scrolled through the page but did not see anything interesting, not even any controversial posts. Bored, she was about to close the page.

Right then, the profile photo of her alt account suddenly began to blink.

Someone was looking for her.

Huo Yao raised her eyebrows and clicked on the profile photo. Instantly, a message popped up. At the right hand corner of that person’s profile photo, there was a little green dot, which meant that this person was currently online.

Cool Autumn: [OMG, dude, finally!]

Cool Autumn: [Where have you been during the whole of last year? I haven’t seen you here in a long time.]

Cool Autumn: [Bro, are you there? Why aren’t you saying something?]

Huo Yao stared at her screen for a long time before she slowly typed in a punctuation mark.

Bold Little Darling:[?]

When she registered for this account initially, the nickname was generated randomly and she didn’t bother changing it at that time. However, later on, she found out that this shabby website did not have the function of altering the screen name. Therefore, she was stuck with this stupid nickname.

Cool Autumn: [Bro, where have you been? You were gone for a year.]

Huo Yao was thinking about how to reply to this question. A while later, she typed —

Bold Little Darling: [Have you tried transmigrating?]

Liang Qiu, whom Huo Yao was chatting with, had just sipped some water in. When he saw this answer pop up on his computer screen, water splashed out of his mouth.

Cool Autumn: [No way. Bro, did someone hack your account? What kind of an idiotic question is this?]

Bold Little Darling: [Piss off!]

Same old short temper from the same old Bold Little Darling.

Cool Autumn: [Sorry. I was joking.]

Bold Little Darling: [I am logging off now.]

Cool Autumn: [Wait. Hold your horses. I want to ask you about someone.]

Bold Little Darling: [Who?]

Cool Autumn: [Shangguan Yu.]

Huo Yao looked at the name with an odd expression on her face. For a long time, she didn’t type anything in reply.

Liang Qiu waited for a long moment without seeing an answer, so he sent another message.

Cool Autumn: [?? Are you still there?]

Huo Yao blinked and began to type her answer: [I don’t know him. Why are you looking for him?]

Cool Autumn: [I am asking on behalf of a friend. I think I should buy some medicine from him. I heard that Shangguan Yu is a mystery man, and maybe you would know him.]

Bold Little Darling: [Nope. Logging off.]

Cool Autumn: [Fine. Dude, can you give me your contact information if that’s okay with you? You know, we’ve known each other for three years now.]

Bold Little Darling: [Not okay with me. Bye.]

Huo Yao switched off the computer.

The profile photo of his friend ‘Bold Little Darling’ turned grey immediately. Liang Qiu scratched his head, speechlessly.

This bold due was still so sternly detached, and unmoved!

Liang Qiu turned off the webpage. A few seconds later, he grabbed the phone on his desk and sent out a text message.


It had been a few days now since Huo Yao returned to the Huo Family. Since then, apart from her early morning jog, she stayed at home all the time. Song Ning wanted to take her out shopping several times, but she refused, saying that she had to study.

This troubled Song Ning deeply.

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