Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 20: Ask Xiaxia To Take Care Of You

Chapter 20: Ask Xiaxia To Take Care Of You

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Huo Yao came back to the living room. Before Song Ning and Huo Jinyan could say anything, Huo Yao put forward her question first. “Mom, what is our mailing address? A friend of mine is going to send me something.”

She was ready with her phone to take down the address.

Song Ning told her the same but immediately, she lowered her voice and asked anxiously. “Your friend? Someone you befriended when you were staying with Lu Xia’s grandma?”

Huo Yao was texting someone. Her fingers paused for a second when Song Ning asked the question. She gave Song Ning a look and nodded her head.

Song Ning was about to ask more questions when Huo Jinyan yanked her arm and shook his head at her.

Our daughter has just come back, so we cannot intervene too much. There will be ample time for it.

Huo Yao finished her message and put her phone back to her pocket. Then she asked Song Ning. “Were you about to ask me something?”

Song Ning hesitated for a bit. Eventually, she shook her head with a smile. “Nope.”

She thought for a few seconds. “I almost forgot. Xiaxia is in No.1 Middle School as well. I will give her a call later and ask her to look after you. You both grew up in the wrong families but she is a nice girl. I think the two of you can get along.”

What Xiaxia said last night was unpleasant. Even so, Song Ning felt she would be less concerned if Lu Xia could take care of Huo Yao, who had just come to a new environment. At the end of the day, Song Ning believed Lu Xia was someone she knew well.

Huo Yao remembered when she first met Lu Xia last night and how ‘bitchy’ she was. But to her mother’s suggestion, Huo Yao just grinned and agreed.

“Did you know that Xiaxia is in a talent show? What is it called?” The name of the show escaped Song Ning’s mind. She slapped her forehead gently.

“The Star Training Camp.” Huo Jinyan jumped in.

“Right, Star Training Camp. Yaoyao, have you watched the show? I heard that it’s quite popular.” Song Ning thought that all young people must be following this show.

But Huo Yao was not interested. “I have not.”

Song Ning was about to say, “You can cast a vote for Xiaxia”.

But after Huo Yao gave her the answer, those words changed. “Ah, you don’t watch it?”

“No. It is a waste of time.” Huo Yao added after a second. “Affects studying.”

Song Ning could not find an appropriate response to that.

Huo Yao did not wish to continue this nonsense, so she switched the subject. “My brothers don’t live here?”

Song Ning said, “They have not stayed here for a long time. They all have their respective work to take care of.”

A few seconds later, fearing that her daughter might misinterpret those words, Song Ning explained. “Your return is kind of sudden. Apart from your big brother, your other three brothers are not in the city. You will meet them when they have time to come back.”

Huo Yao was intrigued by what Song Ning said. Huo Yao thought for a bit and decided to seek clarification. “They all have their own work?”

Song Ning was confused. Why would her daughter ask such a question? Still, she nodded her head in reply.

Huo Yao did not pursue the topic any further and said, “I’ll go to my room now.”


After she went back to her bedroom, Huo Yao stared at the laptop on her desk for a few seconds. Then, she moved her fingers nimbly and turned it on.

The laptop was brand new. Nothing was on the desktop, which meant there were no messy software installs.

Huo Yao opened a website and typed a string of English words in the search column and pressed ‘Enter’.

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