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Chapter 19: Fake Acceptance Letter?

Chapter 19: Fake Acceptance Letter?

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Soon, Huo Yao came back downstairs with a letter in her hand. She walked upto Song Ning and handed it over.

Song Ning looked at the letter and took it after a slight hesitation. “This is...”

“Acceptance Letter from No.1 Middle School.” Huo Yao sounded composed.

However, Song Ning was still in disbelief. The stamp in the center of the envelope struck her immobile.

For a long moment, she was unable to open the envelope.

Huo Jinyan snatched the Acceptance Letter from his wife and opened it up, impatiently. After reading it, he looked up at Huo Yao with a baffled expression.

Their daughter had said it a couple of times that she had decided upon her school. What she meant was that she had not selected one from the options which they provided. She seemed to have made her choice a long time ago.

The date on the Acceptance Letter was from last month.

But... weren’t their daughter’s grades a disaster?

Why would No.1 Middle School accept her?

Song Ning finally came back to her senses. She read through the Acceptance Letter carefully to make sure that her husband did not read it wrong. Just like him, she had so many questions in her heart. She looked at Huo Yao, ready with her queries.

Suddenly, Huo Yao’s phone began to buzz in her pocket. She took it out and saw that the number was unknown. A hint of darkness came over her eyes.

“I have to answer this first.” She said to Song Ning and Huo Jinyan and excused herself.

Then, she walked out to the balcony and closed the door behind her.

Song Ning looked at her receding back and mumbled. “Say, why do you think our daughter has an Acceptance Letter from the No.1 Middle School? Look at the stamp. Do you think this could be a fake?”

Huo Jinyan thought for a long time and finally said, “I don’t think this is fake.”

He shook his head, as if still perplexed.

“But think of the standard for admission into the No.1 Middle School. How can Yaoyao get through, with her grades? Didn’t Xiaxia tell us that she had to bribe someone to get into the middle school which she was in?”

Song Ning only doubted about the acceptance letter because she knew her daughter was not a good student.

Huo Jinyan considered that possibility before saying, “Don’t overthink this. You must trust your daughter.”

Song Ning sighed. “I am not saying I don’t trust her. I am just afraid that someone could have fooled her.”

Huo Jinyan looked at her in puzzlement.

Song Ning was anxious because he did not seem to show deep fatherly love towards their daughter, as she had expected.

Worriedly, she elaborated on her previous sentence. “Our daughter grew up in the wrong family in that small county. She has never seen the dark side of society. Think about it. Where did she get this Acceptance Letter from?”

“The school mailed it to her. Where else?” Huo Jinyan was even more confused about his wife’s anxiety.

Song Ning scratched her head. “How do I put this? I am just wondering if your daughter has made friends with the wrong crowd. Do you remember what that teacher told us when we went to the county city to ask about her?”

Huo Jinyan frowned and then darted a glance at Huo Yao who was still on the phone call in the balcony.

She was leaning to one side with her left hand on the railing. Her finger was tapping casually on it. With the door between them, he could not hear what she was saying.

Soon, she hung up and turned around. His gaze met her eyes. She raised her eyebrows as if saying that she had been aware of his scrutiny all this while.

Flustered, Huo Jinyan felt his heart skip a beat.

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