Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 18: Her Brothers’ Duty To Keep Up The Appearance Of The Family

Chapter 18: Her Brothers’ Duty To Keep Up The Appearance Of The Family

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She had gotten to know about Desheng and understood that it was a private school built on the foundation of money and specifically set up for the elites.

The teachers were qualified, and the students’ educational levels were strictly assessed. Desheng would have only two types of students, the star students, and the rich students.

In a nutshell, with money, anyone could get in.


“Have you already given them the money?” After a moment of silence, Huo Yao asked a question with a serious look on her face.

Her parents were startled by this solemn expression. They looked at each other and then.



The one giving the affirmative answer was Song Ning, and the one giving the negative one was Huo Jinyan.

They hadn’t gotten their stories straight yet. They looked at each other again, and both seemed to scold the other, silently.

Huo Yao stared at them, grinning faintly. How amusing.

Huo Yao’s stare made Song Ning feel diffident. She gave a hint to her husband to explain the matter, through a gentle kick on his foot.

Having received the instructions from his dear wife, Huo Jinyan cleared this throat and sat up straight. Even in his fifties, he was still really handsome. He adopted a serious attitude and explained. “If you decide to go to this school, both your mom and I will be happy.”

Huo Yao was relaxed when she heard this. He had answered her question indirectly. “I am glad that you have not given them any money yet. That’s because I have already decided which school to attend.”

The Huo Family did not seem to be a poverty-stricken household but securing advantages through money was unnecessary.

“Have you decided already? Which one?” Song Ning asked in a hurry.

Huo Yao lowered her eyes and gave a brief answer. “No.1 Middle School.”

Both Song Ning and Huo Jinyan were stunned into surprise.

No.1 Middle School?

Was there something wrong with their ears?

Song Ning cleared her throat. She could not believe this. “Dear, did you just say... No.11 Middle School?”

Huo Yao put down the brochures, tilted her head, and flashed a grin. “No, No.1 Middle School.”

“Well, are you being funny? Can you say it again? Which middle school?”

They did not expect that Huo Yao could remain so nonchalant about this.

Huo Yao raised her eyebrows, and her eyes were sparkling. She answered, earnestly. “I am not joking. Only No.1 Middle School is up to my standard.”

Song Ning’s facial expressions changed drastically. “I know that No.1 Middle School is the best, but you don’t have what it takes to go there.”

She had learnt about her daughter’s grades when she was in grade one of high school. She was, without a doubt, the worst student there.

Huo Jinyan had been startled by her daughter’s answer and involuntarily, his tone became sterner. “Those attending the No.1 Middle School are the straight-A students. Your grades... Even if you manage to get in, it won’t necessarily be a good thing for you.”

Song Ning nodded along. “Right, listen to your dad. We don’t need you to do so well in school. We want you to be happy. We are okay if you can get into an average university in future.”

There was no need for her to graduate from any famous college to boost up the appearance of their family. All four of their sons were graduates of well-known universities. They were enough to bring prestige to the family.

Therefore, Song Ning picked up the brochures and tried to stuff them into Huo Yao’s hands. “Yaoyao, take a look at these schools. I can give a call to Desheng Middle School right now. Let’s go with this one!”

“That is a good choice. I support your mother.”

Huo Yao was speechless that her parents were focussed on talking her out of attending the No.1 Middle School.

“Wait a minute.” Saying so, she got up and ran upstairs.

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