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Chapter 24: I Heard It Wrong

Chapter 24: I Heard It Wrong

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Huo Yanxi put his hands on the table. Looking at Lu Xia, he forced a smile out. “You could say so.”

Lu Xia started to show a lot of concern. “Has she not decided upon the school yet? If so, let me give a call to my dad now...”

She grabbed her phone from her purse. Lu Xia was about to dial the number but paused in confusion as Huo Yanxi’s next set of words stopped her.

“You don’t have to make the call. It’s not that she hasn’t decided yet.”

Huo Yanxi curled his lips in dissatisfaction. After keeping quiet for about two seconds, he went on. “She has chosen a school already, No.1 Middle School.”

Lu Xia was stunned into silence. After she collected herself, she asked him again, as if to check if she had heard wrong the first time. “Did you say No.1 Middle School? The one that I go to?”

Her voice conveyed her disbelief and some other complicated emotions.

Judging by the look on her face, Huo Yanxi knew that she was finding it difficult to digest this fact as well. “She will be going to the school tomorrow to register. I bothered you so late at night because I wanted to ask you to look after her at school.”

He explained the reason for his visit to her, finally.

He paused for a bit and then continued speaking, “Yaoyao grew up in a remote county city, and has never seen the world. We are not exactly sure about her grades but she possibly cannot have what it takes to get into No.1 Middle School.”

“I don’t know how she got that Acceptance Letter, but she insists upon attending this school only. So, Xiaxia, I can only turn to you for help.”

Huo Yanxi was unhappy about Huo Yao’s behaviour. That being said, at the end of the day, they were one family. He had to help her in whatever way he could.

Lu Xia lowered her eyelids, trying to hide her real emotions. Two seconds later, when she looked at Huo Yanxi again, she had already put on a sweet smile. “Don’t worry. I would have taken good care of Yaoyao even if you didn’t ask me to.”

Huo Yanxi knew that Lu Xia was a kind girl. He fixed his gaze on her, feeling sorry. How wonderful it would have been if it was she who belonged to the Huo Family.

“Umm, did you say that you don’t know how Yaoyao got that Acceptance Letter?” Lu Xia feigned confusion to probe deeper into the matter.

Huo Yanxi nodded. “That’s right. Mom and dad don’t know, either.”

“Oh, I see...” Lu Xia rubbed the edge of her phone.

Suddenly, she mentioned something, hesitating, “I remember that night. It was last month. I thought I heard my dad calling the principal of No.1 Middle School.”

Huo Yanxi was visibly stunned. Last month? Wasn’t that close to the date printed on his sister’s Acceptance Letter?

But, soon after, Huo Yanxi suddenly realised that Huo Yao grew up with her grandma in the county instead of the Lu Family. She was not well received by the Lu Family. Would the Lu Family find such an outstanding school for her under such circumstances?

Somehow, he could not bring himself to believe this.

Lu Xia immediately noticed the change in Huo Yanxi’s expressions. When he began to frown, she jumped in before he could say something. “But, No.1 Middle School has strict rules in every aspect. My dad can pull some strings but to get her in would still be difficult... So, I might have heard it wrong.”

Saying so, Lu Xia stuck her tongue out. She looked perfectly innocent when she said, “Don’t worry. As long as she obtained this Acceptance Letter through the normal way, whoever helped her does not matter. The person did this for Yaoyao’s benefit.”

Huo Yanxi’s eyebrows knitted even tighter in annoyance when he heard this.

Lu Xia darted a glance at Huo Yanxi who was not saying anything in response. She, too, did not utter another word, wisely.

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