Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 213: She Had Passed Up The Perfect Opportunity

Chapter 213: She Had Passed Up The Perfect Opportunity

It seemed that this family has been medicinal cuisine experts since generations.

Looking at the residence, a problem suddenly crossed Huo Yao’s mind. She turned to look at Min Yu solemnly. “I didn’t bring any gifts. Will I get chased away?”

Min Yu was completely tickled by this young woman. He shook his head and replied gravely. “Don’t worry. Old Mr. Yi doesn’t care about formalities.”

Huo Yao touched her nose. Just as she was about to speak further, Zhuo Yun came over with two boxes of gifts after parking the car.

The butler led them into the main hall courteously. “Young Master Min, Old Master Yi is cooking in the kitchen. Have some tea first. He’ll come over soon.”

Min Yu nodded to him politely and the butler took his leave.

Huo Yao sat on the mahogany chair and raised her head to glance around. She complimented the surroundings genuinely. “The place is pretty interesting.”

Min Yu poured some tea for Huo Yao and pushed the cup towards her. “Old clans have a lot of history. The Yi family’s ancestors were palace medicinal cuisine chefs. Although times have changed, they still command an unshakable status in the city.”

Huo Yao picked up the teacup and took a sip. Suddenly, she said sadly, “Why does it sound like I passed up a perfect opportunity?”

Min Yu looked at her.

Huo Yao coughed uneasily. “Nothing”

Before long, Old Mr. Yi walked up to them, clad in an apron with the freshly prepared medicinal dishes. An energetic old man followed him.

The old man was none other than Old Mr. Pei.

Old Mr. Yi placed the food on the table and greeted Min Yu before pointing to Huo Yao and telling Old Mr. Pei beside him. “This is the talented little lass I was telling you about.”

He turned to look at Huo Yao and beamed. “This old geezer sells Chinese medicine. Just call him Old Mr. Pei.”

Huo Yao’s eyes landed on Old Mr. Pei. Although he sold Chinese medicine, judging from his aura, it probably was not as simple as that. She stood up to bow politely. “Hello, Old Mr. Pei. I’m Huo Yao.”

He stroked his beard and nodded kindly to Huo Yao. “Hello.”

Then he turned to look at Min Yu. “Looks like you’re recovering well.”

“Mhm. It’s all thanks to the medicine you gave me,” replied Min Yu.

Old Mr. Pei shook his head and smiled.

“Stop standing around. Time to tlry my new dishes. They will lose their texture if they turn cold,” said Old Mr. Yi before turning to look at Huo Yao with his eyes gleaming particularly brightly.

Huo Yao did not hold back. She picked up her chopsticks and placed a piece into her mouth.

“How is it?” asked Old Mr. Yi quickly.

It was clearly apparent that he could not wait to hear her feedback.

Old Mr. Pei looked at Huo Yao in slight surprise. Old Mr. Yi rarely admired anyone. It was Old Mr. Pei’s first time seeing him so impressed by someone so young.

Could she really be gifted in pharmacology?

Huo Yao put down the chopsticks and raised her brow. “Can I speak honestly?”

Old Mr. Yi’s lips twitched. “I hate it when people lie to me.”

Huo Yao nodded seriously. “Fine. If you add 100 grams of oriental raisins and 4 grams of musk kernel powder, it will be better.”

“Oriental raisin and musk kernel, huh?” Old Mr. Yi touched his chin and went into a deep thought.

Huo Yao nodded before picking her chopsticks to eat unhurriedly.

Old Mr. Pei’s eyes narrowed slightly when he heard Huo Yao’s suggestion. After some time, he suddenly turned to look at Huo Yao in disbelief.

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