Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 214: She Wasn’t Interested In Selling Medicine Or Cooking

Chapter 214: She Wasn’t Interested In Selling Medicine Or Cooking

“Young lady, it seems that you have a deep understanding of Chinese herbs. Is there a Chinese physician in your family?” asked Old Mr. Pei in astonishment.

The two men had discussed the various Chinese medicines in detail when Old Mr. Yi was coming up with this dish. Hence, Old Mr. Pei was keenly aware of the dish’s ingredients and its effects. At that time, he felt that the concoction was really flawless.

However, after he heard the ingredients which the young lady suggested, he found them to be a brilliant addition. She had plugged in all the minor flaws in the dish.

Someone who could notice such imperceptible deficiencies must be a Chinese medicine master.

Moreover, she had identified the issues after tasting the dish just once.

Huo Yao raised her head and replied unhurriedly. “Nope.”

The look of amazement in Old Mr. Pei’s eyes intensified. “But you look like you’re well-versed in Chinese medicine.”

Huo Yao pursed her lips and smiled before she replied without skipping a beat. “I know a little about Chinese medicine from reading some books. You are the real expert here.”

Old Mr. Pei stroked his beard as he looked at Huo Yao with a clear sense of disbelief. Would she not be considered an ultimate genius if she could come up with such precise insights after merely reading some medical books?

Old Mr. Yi stayed quiet for a minute. Then he shifted his chair closer to Huo Yao and blinked. “Little lass, are you really not interested in being my disciple?”

Huo Yao looked at Old Mr. Yi, who was clearly acting cute. Her lips twitched. Did old men these days like to behave in this manner as well?

How could he act adorable all the time?

“I’m really not interested in cooking,” rejected Huo Yao with a touch of desperation in her voice.

“Then what are you interested in?” asked Old Mr. Yi.

He seemed like he was prepared to give her whatever she wanted.

Huo Yao said nothing. Suddenly, Old Mr. Pei intervened sneakily. “What about Chinese medicine?”

Old Mr. Yi’s face went sullen. He turned to glare fiercely at Old Mr. Pei. “Ptooey. How can you let a little lass like her sell medicine with you? Do you think it’s appropriate?”

Old Mr. Pei raised his chin and chuckled before he said, “Then is it okay for her to become a cook?”

“Leave now. It was my biggest mistake to invite you over today.” Old Mr. Yi could not stand it when Old Mr. Pei undermined him so blatantly.

Huo Yao looked at the two old men who were on the verge of breaking into a fight. She held her forehead with one hand and replied bluntly. “I’m sorry. Other than studying, I’m neither interested in cooking nor selling medicine.”

They did not have to fight over her so hard!


Old Mr. Yi secretly sighed in relief. Then he turned to glare furiously at Old Mr. Pei.

It was all this old geezer’s fault for stirring up trouble!

Old Mr. Pei looked at him, speechlessly: “...”

Zhuo Yun rubbed his nose as he witnessed these two highly respectable elders getting into an argument because of Huo Yao. His opinion of Huo Yao underwent a change again.

He thought about all the information which he had dug up about Huo Yao previously. Other than her dramatic birth history, she really was an ordinary girl who grew up with just her grandmother in a small town.

There was nothing special about her.

But, if she were really an ordinary middle school student, even if Min Yu was the one who brought her here, these elders would not have scrambled to take her in as their disciple, right? Also, judging from their attitude, they seemed to be rather serious about it.

It was absolutely mindboggling.

Something was clearly amiss, but he could not figure out what it was!

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