Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 212: Made Plans

Chapter 212: Made Plans

Meng Ying held her phone and said, “The post was getting out of hand. I saw the administrator locking it... Huh? Why is it unlocked now?”

Huo Yao started walking ahead indifferently.


Out of the blue, Huo Yao received a text from Min Yu: [Are you free after school?]

Huo Yao contemplated for a few seconds before she replied quickly: [I think so.]

[Old Mr. Yi concocted two new medicinal dishes and asked if you were free tonight to taste them.]

Huo Yao smiled and typed back with no hesitation: [I’m free!]

Studying and eating delicacies were the two things in the world that she could not say no to.

Min Yu: [See you at the school entrance.]

Huo Yao raised her brow and wrote ‘okay’ before putting her phone away.


Huo Yao spotted Min Yu’s low profile black car with Zhuo Yun standing by the door, when she walked out of the campus. The moment Huo Yao came closer, Zhuo Yun greeted her. “Hello, Miss Huo.”

His voice sounded respectful.

Huo Yao nodded gently.

Zhuo Yun opened the backseat door for Huo Yao. After she got in, he shut the door.

Min Yu looked sideways at Huo Yao with a gentle smile on his face. “Very punctual.”

Huo Yao raised her brow and looked at him. “I should be on time since we made plans.”

Min Yu sat with his hand on his knees. He told Zhuo Yun to start driving before chatting casually with Huo Yao. “How did that contest of yours go?”

He was referring to the National Quiz Contest.

Huo Yao leaned against the window lazily. “It was okay. I made it into the nationals.”


Huo Yao waved her hand. “It’s nothing.”

Her voice sounded a little cocky.

“What contest?” asked Zhuo Yun curiously while he drove.

“A pretty boring quiz contest,” replied Huo Yao casually.

Min Yu’s lips twitched when he heard what she said.

Ever since Huo Yao gave him those incense sticks, Zhuo Yun kept trying to improve their relationship. He paused before asking her again. “What’s it called? Can I find it online?”

Huo Yao told him the name of the contest.

Zhuo Yun picked up his phone and searched it when they stopped at a red light. After learning roughly what the contest was about, he was at a complete loss.

Did he graduate too long ago, or did he not know things any better? How could Huo Yao say that a contest which offered a spot in Tsinghua University was boring?

“The nationals probably aren’t taking place in this city, right?” Min Yu tapped his fingers on his knees from time to time.

“Yup, the next level will be held in the capital.” Huo Yao slanted her head and looked at Min Yu without the slightest awkwardness.

Min Yu detected Huo Yao’s gaze and a little uneasiness emerged on his typically cold face. He looked down before asking her softly. “When?”

Huo Yao pressed her lips and shared in a candid manner. “Next weekend.”

Min Yu paused briefly before he said, “I happen to be going to the capital next week. If you’re free, I can show you around.”

Huo Yao thought about her fourth older brother’s situation and waved her hand. “Probably not. I might not have the time.”

Min Yu did not insist. “We can talk again about it closer to the day.”

“Okay.” Huo Yao turned to look out. “Aren’t we going to that restaurant?”

“No, we’re going to Old Mr. Yi’s house,” replied Min Yu indifferently.

Huo Yao’s eyebrow shot up but she didn’t say anything.

The car finally pulled up outside the Yi residence 40 minutes later.

The Yi residence was not some luxurious European styled bungalow. Instead, it was a grand residence built in antique Chinese style. Huo Yao stood at the entrance door and felt as though she had been transported back to the olden days.

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