Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 1863 - 1863 An Incident

1863 An Incident

Huo Yulin looked at the three tokens sitting on the table. After some time, he suddenly said, “Hang on. Are you sure these were intended for me and not my little sister?”

The crown prince and Cloud Realm’s tokens aside, it made no sense for the stupid man, Min Yu, to send his token as well, right?

Huo Yulin looked puzzled and wondered if there was some kind of mistake.

“They just said to hand them to you and did not mention Miss Huo,” replied the administrative manager.

Hearing this, Huo Yulin turned his eyes to the table again.

Just anyone of these powers was extraordinary in their own right, but all three tokens were before him. These three tokens meant he could get away with anything in Country M from now on.

Huo Yulin suddenly sensed his eyelids jumping and he was overwhelmed by an ominous sensation.

At this moment, Huo Changfeng’s mild tone could be heard. “Enough. Let’s continue voting.”

Huo Changfeng leaned into the seat backrest nonchalantly, rapping the table casually. He glanced at Eldest Elder with an ambiguous look on his face as he said, “Eldest Elder was right about one thing. Your votes will directly affect the future of the clan. Please consider carefully before writing your votes.”

If he brought this up before the tokens were sent, no one would think anything of his words. At this moment, those who promised to vote for Huo Wanying could not help feeling swayed.

Eldest Elder and Huo Qing undoubtedly had high status within the clan, but in comparison to Young Master Yulin who now had the backing of the three major powers in the country, it was clearly like pitting ants against elephants.

Even without thinking, everyone could tell who would bring the clan a brighter future.

Moreover, Huo Changfeng was Master Jinfeng’s closest aide. Even though Master Jinfeng was rumored to be in a life-threatening condition, Huo Changfeng did not seem sad about it at all.

People could not help having second thoughts

The people present were able to hold powerful positions in the clan because they were flexible and could size up the situation quickly.

Eldest Elder and Huo Qing’s faces turned dark seeing everyone’s reaction.

The two of them looked into each other’s eyes, gave a signal to each other, and came to a decision.

“Very well. From the looks of it, everyone prefers talking with power.” Eldest Elder raised his hands and clapped.

In an instant, dozens of gun-wielding men swarmed into the room and surrounded everyone sitting at the conference table.

The black gun muzzles looked cold and ruthless.

“I think it’s time to change the rules in the family.” Eldest Elder glanced at everyone. “Why don’t we change the leader today? What do you think?”

They had already come up with this backup plan in case anything unexpected happened.

After all, they had planned this for years, so they could not lose just because of three tokens. If anyone was unhappy with the outcome in the future, it was still a family matter and had nothing to do with outsiders.

Otherwise… A sinister look swept across Eldest Elder’s eyes. If they let Huo Yulin become the next heir, they would never be able to make a comeback.

“Does this mean Eldest Elder wants to make an open rebellion?” Huo Changfeng remained calm. Even though there was a gun trained on the back of his head, he remained cool.

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