Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 1864 - 1864 Change the Clan Leader

1864 Change the Clan Leader

Eldest Elder looked at Huo Changfeng without taking Huo Changfeng’s calmness to heart. Instead, he laughed softly and said, “You’re making it sound so serious. We can’t go a day without a leader after all. Don’t you think?”

Huo Changfeng nodded. “You didn’t have to be so tactful about replacing Master Jinfeng as clan leader.”

“Since you want to misunderstand my intentions, I don’t see a need to explain.” Eldest Elder was unafraid about going against Huo Changfeng.

He was unafraid about bringing guns to the meeting, so he naturally did not care what Huo Changfeng had to say.

For time immemorial, whenever dynasties changed hands, heads would roll.

Eldest Elder pursed his lips and said, “Do you really think we know nothing about Master Jinfeng’s condition?”

Huo Changfeng narrowed his eyes. “Are you saying you have intel about it?”

“The clan leader has become a vegetable. When word gets out, not only will we have family rife on our hands, but the powers in Country M will also move in on us.” Eldest Elder laughed coldly.

He had agents working at the hospital and working for Huo Changfeng, so he had a complete grasp of Huo Jinfeng’s condition.

Huo Jinfeng was never going to wake up again. Why should they allow the rest of the clan to be placed at risk?

The moment Eldest Elder finished his sentence, the news came as a bomb.

The word “vegetable” seemed to sound more astonishing than the guns trained on their heads.

This was not a simple matter of voting for the new heir. Instead, they were going to change the clan leader entirely.

As thoughts ran through everyone’s minds, Huo Changfeng sighed softly. “Are you so sure Master Jinfeng is now a vegetable?”

Eldest Elder looked at Huo Changfeng. Before he was able to think deeply about those words, the sound of powerful footsteps walking on marble could be heard approaching.

He hastily raised his head and Master Jinfeng dressed in a black coat came into sight.

He looked stern and gave off an imposing aura.

Eldest Elder’s eyes constricted. Huo Jinfeng was supposed to be a vegetable, so no one expected him to show up here.

As Huo Jinfeng approached, Eldest Elder’s gunmen instinctively gave way and stepped aside.

Eldest Elder and Huo Qing were still overwhelmed with shock, so they were unable to notice this.

Huo Jinfeng glanced at Eldest Elder viciously. “Do you want to be clan leader?”

Eldest Elder felt tense and automatically wanted to explain. When he saw his men armed with weapons from the corner of his eye, he forcibly swallowed the words at the tip of his tongue.

“After all these years, it’s time for you to retire.”

Eldest Elder gritted his teeth, looked up, and looked straight into Huo Jinfeng’s eyes.

They had already drawn their swords, so it was useless to explain. Moreover, considering Huo Jinfeng’s cold temperament, would he forgive traitors?

Rather than being obedient, it was far better to take risks.

He had already changed all the men in the union to his own. What did he have to be afraid of?

Eldest Elder composed himself and glanced at Huo Qing.

Huo Qing was a lot calmer than Eldest Elder, so he was only briefly distracted for a few seconds when Master Jinfeng entered the room.

He was thinking the same thing as Eldest Elder. The moment he caught Eldest Elder’s hint, he slowly stood up and turned to Huo Wanying. “We have supported you for a long time, so it’s time you prove your worth.”

They had gone too far for them to turn back. If they did not remove Huo Jinfeng as clan leader today, none of them would be allowed to live.

Huo Wanying was already one of the candidates to be the heir. Naturally, it would sound more legitimate for her to take over as the new clan leader. They could always make some excuse to have her removed in the future. No one would dare to cause any trouble then.

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