Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 1862 - 1862 Tokens Representing Power

1862 Tokens Representing Power

The administrative manager shook his head and hurriedly explained, “No. The guests are not here to see you. They wanted to send their tokens over.”

Eldest Elder finally noticed the things in the administrative manager’s hands, but he remained annoyed. “If you’re here just to send something, do you have to overreact? Don’t you think it’s inappropriate?”

The administrative manager felt indignant. He glanced at Huo Yulin and replied, “They asked me to bring the tokens up and pass them to Young Master Yulin immediately.”

If not for the powers those people downstairs represented, he would never have interrupted the meeting rudely.

When Huo Yulin heard his name, he automatically raised his head and looked over.

Were they looking for him?

Eldest Elder could sense his eyelids twitch. He glanced at the things in the administrative manager’s hands. For some reason, an ominous feeling rose in his heart as he said, “The meeting will end in ten minutes, so just wait…”

“Bring them in.”

Before Eldest Elder could finish his sentence, Huo Changfeng interrupted.

He veered his head slightly and Xie quickly strode over to invite the administrative manager inside.

Eldest Elder promptly looked angry. “Huo Changfeng are you doing this hoping to interrupt the voting process?”

Huo Changfeng smiled ambiguously as he spoke unhurriedly. “Of course not. This is just going to take a minute, so it won’t hold us up.”

Eldest Elder clutched the edge of the conference table and did not know what to say for a moment.

Owing to this little episode, everyone put down their pens and looked at the objects in the administrative manager’s hands out of curiosity.

All of them wanted to know more about the tokens. Why did they have to be sent urgently?

The administrative manager inhaled deeply and placed the tokens on the table without the slightest hesitation.

The first token was hexagonal in shape. It was dark with a gold border and an open bow at the center looking very regal.

“It’s the crown prince’s token!” Someone already recognized it.

“In the entire royal family, only the heir to the crown has this token. Also, only three pieces are available. Young Master Yulin…”

Everyone was already very shocked. When the second token got placed on the table, everyone’s expressions promptly cracked.

Everyone present recognized the token since it was very notable.

It was from the Weapons Bureau.

Everyone was stunned.

The third token was water-drop shaped and looked exquisite. It was impossible to tell what material it was made of. The token looked like there was something inside as the cloud pattern came to life.

The moment Eldest Elder saw the third token, he could no longer keep his composure.

Someone could not help exclaiming, “Isn’t this… isn’t this Cloud Realm’s token?”

Although most people knew nothing about Cloud Realm’s token, it did not mean no one in the Huo family recognized it.

“Are you talking about the power with a global presence who controls the dark web?”

“That’s the one! No one can forge this water-shaped logo.”

Seeing the token representing the crown prince was already shocking enough, but seeing the tokens belonging to the Weapons Bureau and Cloud Realm was simply mind-blowing!

All these tokens were intended for Young Master Yulin… The way they looked at Huo Yulin promptly changed.

Huo Yulin was still at a loss seeing everything unfold before him.

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