Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 1861 - 1861 More Complications to Arise

1861 More Complications to Arise

Eldest Elder was still flipping through the contract. The more he got to the back, the more he was awestricken.

He hastily closed the contract, leaned against the conference table, and clenched his fists tightly. He almost could not believe his eyes.

They deliberately made Miss Huo draw the Sangry Town assignment since it had a complicated political scene. They were certain she would never be able to accomplish her task in the short term.

Unexpectedly, Huo Yao not only succeeded in signing the contract, but she also managed to get more projects from them. It seemed as though they were giving them extra business for nothing.

Eldest Elder did not understand what could have gone wrong. He could faintly sense things going out of his control.

When Huo Qing noticed Eldest Elder’s reaction, he could not help taking the contract from Eldest Elder to read it swiftly.

“This contract…” Huo Qing’s eyes were filled with disbelief as well. When he got to the stamp and signature on the last page, he wanted to claim it was fake, but he was unable to speak.

“Third Councilor, anything wrong with the contract?” asked Xie with a mock look of surprise.

Huo Qing’s face turned stiff. Then, he put down the contract. “Everything seems fine.”

“I’m glad it’s fine.” Xie heaved a sigh of relief. “I thought there was a problem for a moment there.”

Huo Qing, “…”

The atmosphere in the meeting room became increasingly intense.

Xue looked up and walked back beside Huo Changfeng without saying anything.

Eldest Elder gathered his thoughts. Then, he told the secretary to calculate Huo Yao’s points using the formula.

Two minutes later, Eldest Elder took out the results he had calculated and looked at them solemnly.

Huo Yao’s results were nearly 1000 points more than the other candidates.

The difference in scores was the outcome of the additional projects inside the contract.

Without the extra scores, Huo Yao and Huo Wanying would only have the same results.

Eldest Elder raised his head and said calmly, “Based on the combined results for the first and second rounds of testing, the top three candidates are, Miss Huo, Miss Wanying, and Young Master Yulin. The heir will be selected from among them.”

He paused briefly and raised his hand gesturing for pen and paper to be given out.

Eldest Elder glanced at everyone present before he said, “Your votes will affect the future development of the clan, so I hope everyone will vote wisely.”

Although his words sounded official and normal, he was clearly warning everyone.

After all, no one knew if Master Jinfeng was dead or alive and the elders currently held all the power in the clan. The future heir had already been decided.

Even if Miss Huo was good, she could only count herself unlucky for not having a strong backer.

Lots of people took pen and paper and started writing down their votes.

At this moment, some noise could be heard at the conference room door.

The administrative office manager anxiously opened the door.

Eldest Elder frowned and reprimanded him sternly, “Get out. Don’t you know we’re in a meeting?”

The administrative manager cringed slightly but did not back off. Instead, he put on a bold front and said, “A few important guests have shown up downstairs.”

“No matter who they are, we can’t see them now.” Eldest Elder was very annoyed by the interruption.

Huo Changfeng had already shown up unexpectedly, so he did not want more complications to arise.

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