Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 1699 - 1699 Not Utopia

1699 Not Utopia

The three of them went to a building located in the city center after dinner.

The building belonged to the Weapons Bureau and was used for the display of weapons and business. Even though it was not the headquarters, it was very iconic.

The entire structure looked quite domineering on the outside, especially at night when all the lights were on. The lightning bolt-shaped logo at the top of the building gave off an imposing aura.

Shangguan Yun raised his head, staring at the structure, looking like a country mouse coming to the city for the first time.

After some time, he was still unable to walk away.

Sure enough, the outside world was fantastic. No wonder Huo Yao kept secretly running out. How could she lie that it was no fun outside?

Just thinking about it now, he felt she was too much for lying!

Huo Yao and Min Yu walked in front. When she noticed the young man did not keep up, she automatically turned her head. She saw him staring at the building in astonishment and could not help rubbing her brow.

“Shall we send for a chair so that you can keep staring?”

Min Yu also turned to glance at Shangguan Yun. Zhuo Yun came over and said a few words to his ear. Min Yu looked at Huo Yao. “I have some work to handle. Wait for me upstairs.”

Huo Yao knew that rich people tended to be busier. She waved her hand understandingly. “Sure thing.”

Before long, Min Yu and Zhuo Yun walked off.

Before Min Yu left, he made arrangements for the person in charge to show them in.

Shangguan Yun finally snapped out of his daze. He touched his nose and said softly to Huo Yao, “I finally know why you keep secretly running out.”

Huo Yao glanced at him sideways.

“If I were in the same shoes, I would want to continue staying outside as well,” said Shangguan Yun as he sighed.

Huo Yao did not respond for some time after hearing this. The light at the door scattered on her face, blurring her face. It was impossible to tell what she was thinking.

“Do you want to continue staying outside?” asked Huo Yao suddenly with her hands in her pockets.

Shangguan Yun nodded without a second thought. “Uh huh. Even though it’s far more backward here, it’s still very interesting.”

They lived in voluntary reclusion. If their home was not Utopia, it would only serve to become shackles.

It shackled them in spirit. They would continue to live monotonously day after day until they quietly passed away.

He certainly did not want such a life.

An uncharacteristic maturity overwhelmed the young man’s face. The subject made his eyes suddenly turn dim.

Huo Yao caught every expression on his face. She nodded and said, “I get it. Enough. I will tell Aunt Tong every word you’ve said.”

The moment she finished her sentence, she started to walk.

Shangguan Yun was stunned. Even though he felt emotional, his mood quickly dissipated. After snapping out of his thoughts, he ran after her huffily. “Hey! How can you do that to me?”

If she told Shangguan Tong about it, his days of freedom would probably come to an end soon!


Before long, the person in charge of the showroom showed Huo Yao and Shangguan Yun into the ground floor showroom reverently.

As they walked, he introduced the place to them. “The trade fair starts at 8:00 pm upstairs. Since it’s still early, I will take you upstairs first.”

The Weapons Bureau’s trade fair was naturally intended for selling weapons. Government officials and people from the underground were both at the fair, so the atmosphere naturally felt very tense.

It felt as though the scent of gunpowder could be smelled in the air.

After entering the lift, Shangguan Yun secretly exhaled in relief. He was unafraid of those scary people outside, but he could not help feeling annoyed when they looked at him predatorily.

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