Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 1700 - 1700 Squeeze A Reaction

1700 Squeeze A Reaction

The person in charge inside the lift noticed Shangguan Yun’s reaction. He thought that Shangguan Yun was afraid.

He paused briefly and said to Shangguan Yun, “We have special private rooms here. Don’t worry. No one will dare to touch you here.”

Even though they looked young, they came with Chairman Min, so the person in charge treated them politely without the slightest disrespect.

Shangguan Yun touched his nose and wanted to defend himself instinctively. “Do I look scared?”

The person in charge simply smiled on hearing this.

Shangguan Yun went quiet.

The lift chimed at this moment.

The person in charge pressed the lift door open and gestured for Huo Yao and Shangguan Yun to exit first. He followed behind them and showed them to a private room. After sending some juice and snacks in, he finally walked out of the room and waited outside.

The private room had a low profile décor but was luxurious. It had French windows in front. The entire trading hall could be seen after walking through the French windows.

Other than the special private rooms, there were also seats in the exhibition hall. Under normal circumstances, the people attending the fair would sit in the main hall.

These private rooms were intended for special guests.

Shangguan Yun glanced downstairs a couple of times and went back inside the private room. “There are a lot of people down there.”

“Normal.” Huo Yao was still holding her phone composing a text message. She answered Shangguan Yun without so much as raising her head.

Shangguan Yun took a piece of snack from the table and spoke while he ate, “Do you think Brother-in-Law wants me to choose a weapon from the fair?”

In that case, he had to pick the most expensive gun.

Huo Yao replied. “Dream on.”

Shangguan Yun went quiet.

Huo Yao ignored Shangguan Yun and sent out the text message she had composed.

After sending the text message, Huo Yao did not close the WeChat application. Instead, she tapped her fingers gently with her other hand. By the time she finished tapping her fingers for the fifth time, she received a voice call on her phone as expected.

Huo Yao raised her brow and answered the call. “Hi, Aunt Tong.”

The moment Shangguan Yun heard the name, he nearly choked on the cake in his mouth and started coughing.

Huo Yao glanced at him before pushing a glass of juice in front of him. “Uh huh. He’s with me.”

“The boy is always rash and careless. You shouldn’t spoil him,” said Shangguan Tong solemnly.

“I know,” replied Huo Yao with a smile on her face.

“Uh huh.” Shangguan Tong nodded. She went quiet briefly and finally said, “About the symptoms in the patient you mentioned earlier. When did it start?”

Huo Yao had already seen the question coming. A profound look emerged on her face. “Judging from his pulse, probably five to six years ago. Maybe even longer.”

Shangguan Tong’s breathing turned soft. Since five to six years had passed, the patient had already missed the best window for treatment. This meant his condition would only go downhill from now on. “Were you unable to treat him?”

Huo Yao sighed and said, “Uh huh. I didn’t know what to do, so I had to ask you. If it were anyone else, I wouldn’t ask. However, he’s my one and only elder uncle and he’s still so young.”

Shangguan Tong was completely unsuspecting of Huo Yao’s words. Her face typically had an unhealthy glow, but it looked even paler now.

Huo Yao had the best medical abilities in the clan!

If Huo Yao was powerless against the patient’s condition, the situation was probably dire.

Shangguan Tong could taste blood coming out of her mouth. She took out her handkerchief and covered her mouth tightly without making a sound.

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