Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 1698 - 1698 Eternal Life

1698 Eternal Life

Shangguan Hou?

Wasn’t he the family traitor?

Shangguan Yun was very young at the time and had never seen Shangguan Hou previously. However, he had heard the name from the family elders enough.

Many years ago, his betrayal nearly brought catastrophe to the family. Ever since then, people kept looking for the Shangguan clan’s location.

After all, powerful people wanted to gain eternal life.

Eternal life?

It was simply outrageous. How could anyone believe this?

If there was eternal life, why would the second elder and Huo Yao’s master both come to no good end?

When Shangguan Yun heard Shangguan Hou’s name, thoughts flooded his mind and he became a little worried.

Huo Yao glanced at Shangguan Yun and simply said calmly, “You’re just a kid. Stop asking so many questions.”

Shangguan Yun placed his phone on the table. “I’m no longer a kid. I know about Shangguan Hou…”

He suddenly stopped mid-sentence and glanced at Min Yu. He closed his mouth and stopped talking.

He could not let outsiders know about the Shangguan clan.

Min Yu naturally caught the look on Shangguan Yun’s face. Even though he did not know about Shangguan Hou, Shangguan was an unusual family name anyways.

People said the family had the medical ability to bring the dead back to life.

Min Yu paid no attention to Shangguan Hou’s name. Instead, he noticed Shangguan Yun’s instinctive reaction.

From the looks of it, the young man had something to do with the Shangguan clan.

Perhaps he was from the Shangguan clan.

Why else would he come over the moment he found out Huo Yao had passed out?

Min Yu gathered his thoughts and looked sideways at Huo Yao. “I heard about the Shangguan clan previously. Is he from the clan?”

Huo Yao did not nod or shake her head. She simply shrugged and replied. “He might have belonged to the clan at some point in time.”

Min Yu raised his brow. He might have belonged to the clan? In other words, he was no longer from the family.

From the looks of it, his girlfriend was not just distantly linked to the Shangguan clan as Wang had suggested.

“What does he want with you?” Min Yu took the teapot from the side and poured Huo Yao more tea.

“Have you heard this before? The doctors from the Shangguan family can bring the dead back to life,” asked Huo Yao rhetorically.

The question seemed casual on the surface, but Min Yu paused for a couple of seconds and answered. “Even though there are a lot of things we can’t explain using Science, no matter how good the medicine, it’s impossible to change life.”

Huo Yao smiled. She sighed and said, “You’re absolutely right.”

Greed was a bottomless gulf.

Min Yu looked at Huo Yao. The young woman’s face seemed blurry and it was impossible for him to get a close look at her for a moment there.

It seemed as though she had gone through a lot in her life.

Min Yu reached his hand out to hold her hand.

Huo Yao sensed the strength and warmth coming from her hand.

She smiled and said, “You were unable to find Shangguan Hou because he can change his face. The face you saw the other day isn’t his real face.”

She gave Min Yu the answers he needed.

“No wonder.” It never dawned on Min Yu to think in this direction.

Huo Yao picked up her teacup and took a sip of its contents. She continued. “If you fired at someone else, the person would have probably died. However, a good doctor knows about all the weaknesses in human anatomy. If you are just a few millimeters off, he can still live.”

Moreover, Shangguan Hou was no ordinary man. He had probably modified his body and it would not be easy to kill him. Otherwise, he would not have lived for so long.

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