Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 96

Chapter 96: Order to Kill !

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But when they came outside, and Family Head Xu saw the situation, he almost fainted away.

The enormous Xu Mansion, just its guards alone, would number about a hundred of them. But before his eyes, all of them were lying upon the ground, not known whether they were still alive or dead. Only two Elders and four of the Xu Mansion’s Team Leaders of the Master Warrior Grade were still conscious.

And atop the wall of a doorway, a figure in red stood standing high up there, watching everything below. The red figure looked mesmerizing with his fiery red clothes fluttering in the night wind, his golden madara flower face mask made more mysterious as it reflected the light from the raging flames all around.

But, when he saw the golden madara mask and that suit of red clothes, Family Head Xu’s face turned pale as he exclaimed: “You….. You are the Ghost Doctor!”

Ghost Doctor!

A highly mysterious person who was both feared and revered. No one knew his true gender, and only knew that he was always dressed in a suit flamboyant and sinister red, with that golden mask filled with blossoms of madara flowers in full bloom!

Many major families within the Cloudy Moon City had seeked an audience, but had all been rejected!

The ruler of the Sun Glory Country had asked to meet him, and had been rejected just the same!

The black market spread throughout many countries held him in great esteem, and saw him as a highly distinguished guest!

It was rumoured that he possessed medical skills that could bring one back from the brink of death!

It was rumoured that a dose of medicine from his could instantly raise the power of warriors!

It was rumoured…..

There were many rumours, and, this entity who existed only in rumours, had come to his Xu Mansion today, and had appeared in such a manner, how could he not be expected to not fall into panic…..

That was a person whom the powers behind the black market wanted to protect. If any of the other powers around here knew about this, the Xu Family would no longer be able to maintain a foothold within the Cloudy Moon City anymore!

However, as the fear gripped at his heart, a mad and crazy thought suddenly came to his mind.

[Kill him! As long as he is dead, the powers behind the black market will not know that he was the one responsible! Once he is dead, the Xu Family will not need to fear any form reprisal from the black market!]

“Kill him! I want him killed!”

He suddenly snapped back to his senses and shouted loudly, his finger pointing at the figure in red standing high up upon the wall, his voice sounding highly malicious and almost maniacal.

“She must not be allowed to leave this place alive!”

The grey robed old man frowned and threw a glance at Family Head Xu before quickly looking away, his gaze fixed upon the red figure, his eyes dancing with a glint of excitement and anticipation.

“No! This old man here wants him alive!”

The two Elders stepped quickly to come stand beside their Family Head. Their clothes had been slightly burnt off by the fire and as they had just escaped out from the fire, their hair was also in a mess, their faces smudged, making for a rather sorry sight.

“Family Head, there’s knockout drugs within the fire! Everyone below the Master Warrior grade have been knocked out!”

“Kill, him, now!”

Family Head Xu bellowed in a deep voice, spitting out the words one by one, shouting out his order for all the four Master Warriors to kill that figure in red, and then immediately turning his eyes onto the grey robed old man beside him, so overcome with rage he had slightly lost his reason as he questioned.

“Didn’t you say that he wouldn’t be able to get past your barrier?”

“Didn’t you say that you will definitely know it once he enters your barrier?”

“He set fire to destroy my Xu Family’s century old heritage! If I do not wash the Xu Mansion with his blood today, I shall not let the matter rest!”

The very moment his voice dropped, a mouthful of blood spewed forth from his mouth, as he was sent flying through the air by a single palm strike, to crash heavily into the corner of the wall before falling right into the blazing flames raging upon the ground. He did not even have the time to cry out when a loud crash sounded and the entire face of the wall collapsed, burying Family Head Xu under it.

“Family Head!”

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