Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 95

Chapter 95: Setting the Xu Mansion Ablaze

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However, the two of them did not know that the person they were talking about had already walked out from the boundary barrier safe and sound…..

Once out of the barrier, they were immediately confronted with an approaching team of night patrol guards. Just as Leng Shuang was thinking that it was too late to hide, she was whisked away by Feng Jiu to the other side, quick as a flash of lightning as they moved, completely undetected by the night patrol.

Once they came to a stop, Leng Shuang found herself stunned, her eyes wide with incredulity as she stared at her Mistress beside her. Movements like that, would still be beyond her even if she cultivated for another ten years.


Feng Jiu whispered in a hushed tone, leading her towards the side. Along the way, although they occasionally encountered the Xu Family’s night patrols, they managed to avoid them and the guards were not alerted.

Leng Shuang finally understood what her Mistress’ words earlier meant.

In here, the outer ring was set up with a boundary barrier, while the inner ring was crawling with night patrolling guards. If she had come in on her own, she would surely have been discovered by now.

“Wait here.”

Leaving her curt instructions, Feng Jiu leapt out and clasped her hand over the last guard who brought up the rear and pulled him into the shadows. When the patrol had moved far away, she then asked in a low tone: “Where is Guan Xi Lin?”

The guard’s eyes were widened in terror. Pleading with his eyes, he stretched out a finger and pointed out the direction. He kicked out, trying to struggle free and upon seeing that, Feng Jiu’s eyes glinted chillingly and she broke his neck with a snap of her wrist, before dragging him deeper into the shadows to dispose of his body.

The duo moved out once again, towards the direction pointed out by the guard. They avoided all the patrols they encountered and Feng Jiu only stopped when they came near an area filled with rock formations of miniature mountains further inside.

Leng Shuang looked at Feng Jiu questioningly, not understanding why they had suddenly stopped.

Feng Jiu eyes scanned the entire area before her and spotted four guards standing before a particular cluster of rock formation further up and noticed that there were several more people hidden within the shadows in the surrounding area.

Her eyes showed she was deep in thought. She knew she would be unable to dispose of all the guards both exposed in the open and those who were hidden quickly enough without alerting them and she concluded she could only use drugs.

She flipped her palm and pulled out a medicine bottle from the spatial ring and silently slipped upwind. She dispersed the suds from the medicine in her hand as she scattered them into the night breeze and waited quietly. Until all the guards who were hidden and in the open had fallen to the ground, Feng Jiu then signaled for Leng Shuang to come out.

“You stand guard here. I’ll go inside and see.” Immediately after her voice dropped, she swung the rock door panel open and went inside.

Once inside, the damp and dank stench assaulted her, and the thick stench of blood mixed within made her brows creased up together. Especially when she saw the badly bloodied and mangled person tied to the crossbeam stake, her heart winced and a murderous aura of massacre spilled forth.

“Big Brother!”

She called out in a hushed voice, but Guan Xi Lin had lost consciousness and there was no reaction.

Immediately after that, she quickly stuffed a pill into his mouth and cut the ropes before bring him outside.

“I’ll draw the guards and you find a chance to bring him out of here.”

Leng Shuang who was carrying Guan Xi Lin nodded and reminded Feng Jiu worriedly: “Mistress, please be careful.”

“Mm, go quickly.”

Leng Shuang acknowledged and seeing them leaving in another direction, Feng Jiu turned her gaze upon the main building in the inner perimeter, her eyes filled with sinister and bloodthirsty murder and a low voice rumbled out from her mouth.

“I will make you realise, that there are some people you cannot afford to antagonize!”

“Fire! Fire! Put out the fire!”

Family Head Xu and the old man who were chatting in the yard had upon hearing the shouts of fire coming from outside, immediately shot to their feet and roared: “What happened?”

A guard came running in looking highly flustered: “Family Head. Bad news. Many places within the mansion has caught fire and the flames are highly intense. The flames are spreading quickly and will reach here soon!”

Hearing that, the two men’s expression changed drastically and they rushed quickly outside…..

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