Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 94

Chapter 94: Visiting the Xu Mansion by Night

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The guard was startled but he quickly acknowledged the order and went to the back to bring a burning red hot branding iron, before he carefully handed it over the the Family Head.

“I would like to see just how strong willed you are!”

Family Head Xu said that in a chilling voice as the branding iron in his hand was about to pushed onto Guan Xi Lin’s body. The red hot branding iron was still sizzling with steam and even the guard could not continue to watch.

“Hold it!”

A dominating voice filled with power reached him, which caused Family Head Xu who was just about to press the branding iron suddenly hold his hand, to turn with a frown on his face to look at the person who had just come in.

The grey robed old man came striding in. Detecting the strong stench of blood within the dungeon and seeing the already unconscious Guan Xi Lin, his brows creased up together while his face darkened, looking highly displeased as he stared at Family Head Xu.

“This person is still of use to us. If you torture him to death and the girl does not come, who should this old man here look for?”

Hearing those words, Family Head Xu did not say anything but just handed the branding iron over to the guard at the side and said: “There is no need for Senior to worry about that. That wretched lass will definitely come!”

[If she does not turn up, even if he has to turn the Cloudy Moon City upside down, he will definitely find her!]

Night fell, and the Xu Mansion was lit with lanterns bright as day. Many teams of guards crawled inside and outside of the place, setting up an inescapable net, just to capture the prey that might just appear here tonight.

Hidden within the shadows to observe them for an entire day just to await nightfall, Feng Jiu suddenly saw a familiar figure in black. Her brows creased up and with a flourish of red, she shot towards that figure.

Leng Shuang had just leapt up upon the wall at the main doors when a hand suddenly closed over her shoulder, and another clasped over her mouth as she was pulled into the shadows. She was just about to retaliate when a familiar voice said softly.

“It’s me.”

At the same moment she spoke, Feng Jiu released her hand, and stared with a frown at Leng Shuang who had turned around, before she said: “Didn’t I ask you to oversee the things at Peach Blossom Ridge? Why are you here instead?”


Leng Shuang’s eyes lit up as she replied: “I was worried about you, and so I came here.” Letting her Mistress come conduct the rescue alone, she would not be at ease, hence, after she told Leng Hua to look after himself, she immediately came here following Feng Jiu.


She spoke in a hushed tone: “If I had not stopped you, you would have messed up my plans tonight.”

Upon hearing that, Leng Shuang quickly lowered her head and replied: “I’m sorry, Mistress.”

“Go back now!”

Against those words, she quickly raised her head up and shook her head obstinately to say: “I will not go back! I will help Mistress rescue the Young Master!”

“Going in there, you might really be killed!”

Leng Shuang’s gaze was determined as she looked at Feng Jiu and she said: “Leng Shuang’s life belongs to Mistress and even if I have to die for it, I will not allow Mistress to go take the risk herself!”

Feng Jiu stared at the young girl for a long while before she turned her gaze away. “Since you are not afraid of death, then follow me!”

“Yes!” Leng Shuang’s heart was delighted and her eyes lit up.

Feng Jiu led her to quietly around to leap onto the wall over the doors at the back. Hiding within the shadows, Feng Jiu immediately saw that areas in the outer perimeter without any guards on patrols had boundary barriers set up, and if she wanted to go in, she would have to pass through those barriers.

“There are boundary barriers inside. Follow me very closely, you cannot take even one step wrong.” The moment her voice fell, she leapt down and led Leng Shuang into the boundary barrier.

Meanwhile, inside the Xu Mansion, within a courtyard.

Family Head Xu was sipping on tea as he asked in a slightly worried voice: “Senior, can that boundary barrier really trap a person inside? Could it be that she is actually already here but just that we do not know it?”

“It won’t”

The old man shook his head and said confidently: “Against this old man’s barriers, no one within the entire Sun Glory Country will be able to break through. As long as she dares to come, we will not need to lift a finger and she will definitely be trapped within the barrier, unable to escape!”

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