Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 93

Chapter 93: Insufferable Torment

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“At that moment, I was reacting almost completely by reflex and if not for the Tai Chi that Mistress taught me, I believe I would have died under the swords of those two men.”

When he thought back about it, he was still slightly traumatised in his heart. Afterall, in all his days before this, he had always been protected by his elder sister as he had a weak constitution and was often bedridden with sickness. Incidents that happened the way it had that night was completely inconceivable to him before this.

But, after that night, a thought had formed in his mind with strong determination.

[He wanted to practice cultivation as well! Regardless even if he wouldn’t be able to compare with his elder sister, he will still cultivate! With that, he will not need people to always protect him, and if anything really happened, he might be able to protect them as well.]

Hearing those words, Leng Shuang involuntarily turned to look at her Mistress, finding it all rather incredulous in her mind.

[That martial arts Mistress practiced could actually take on an enemy! ?]

She had always thought that her Mistress had practiced that just to give her body some exercise and had not thought that it would turn out to save Little Hua’s life.

After hearing what Leng Hua said, Feng Jiu nodded her head and reminded him: “You should rest well and nurse yourself back to health. You do not need to think about anything else.” And she turned to go outside immediately.

Leng Shuang followed right behind her and seeing Feng Jiu standing in within the yard, she asked: “Mistress, what should we do next?”

“I will be making a trip back there and you’ll help me oversee the things here.”

“Mistress is thinking to go save Young Master by yourself?”

Leng Shuang was rather taken aback, as she continued to say worriedly: “Those people hold powers even Young Master is unable to take on and if Mistress goes there, wouldn’t it be…..”

[Delivering yourself into the enemy’s arms?] She did not say those words aloud. But from what she could see, even if her Mistress was highly proficient in Tai Chi, it would definitely still not be a match for a Head of a Family Clan. Moreover, she was just one person and the enemy was an entire family clan.

Even putting the disparity of their powers aside, the mere difference in terms of the number of people was already too large, so how could she allow her Mistress to go seek her own death?

“Those are not things that you should be worrying about. You just have to do what I have asked and that will do.”

She turned around and went back to her room, changed into men’s clothes, and put on the golden mask with the madara flowers, and the air around her immediately transformed with her change.

The air that surrounded her was sharp, her demeanor indolent, feeling as dangerous as the Lord of Darkness, mysterious. The aura she had always suppressed and hid all this time, was released at that moment, one that people would not be able to overlook.

She went out of the yard, and swept through the peach tree forest, her mystical powers surging, and with her queer mystifying steps, she moved so fast like a ghost, leaving not a single trace of her passing behind…..

-Xu Family Dungeon-

‘Swoosh! Piak!’


The sound of the cracking whip brought about swooshing sounds as its tip tore through the air, every single crack of the whip accompanied by a muffled groan, the air hung heavily with the thick stench of blood in that dim and damp underground dungeon.

Upon the crossbeam wooden stake, Guan Xi Lin was lashed, his body all covered in wounds, the whip lashes crisscrossed over each other, blood flowing down together with his sweat, soaking completely into the hopelessly tattered clothes hanging from his body.

From the moment he had been captured and brought in here, the lashing from the whip had not stopped at all. He was so drained and exhausted that he did not even have the energy to shout out in agony, and he felt as if he was detached from his body, so numb he could not really feel the pain. He did not even have the strength to lift his head anymore but the person waving the whip did not relent in the slightest as he cursed while he cracked the whip continuously.

“Who let you kill me son!”

“Who let you kill my second brother!”

“Who let you annihilate two of my Elders!”

“Who let you make yourself an enemy of my Xu Family!”

The guard standing at the side saw that Guan Xi Lin was already on his last vestiges of consciousness as his head finally drooped when he fainted and he said in a highly cautious tone: “Family Head, the man has already fainted.”

“Bring me the red hot branding iron! Burn him awake!”

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