Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 92

Chapter 92: Actually Really Awesome

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“But that does not mean you should stake your life on it!”

The little Phoenix glared, his chubby little face fuming as he said: “If any accident happens during the level advancement, who would then go save him?”

“Although my current cultivation is able to take on a cultivator in the pinnacle level of the warrior stage, I am still worried that if the opponent’s power turns out to be beyond that, it would definitely result in an irrecoverable situation for us.”

Her voice hesitated a moment as she went deep in thought: “Moreover, I had set up a barrier on the courtyard and it would be impossible for anyone who isn’t a Barrier Master to unravel it. Hence, even when Leng Hua still has not awakened to tell me everything, I know for a fact that the matter this time is definitely not ordinary, and the enemies I will be facing are also very powerful.”

“Alright alright, you don’t need to take that medicine. If at that time you are really unable to deal with it, revered me here will then help you.”

Hearing that, Feng Jiu’s gaze fell onto the little figure, her eyes not hiding the suspicions she had against those words of his.

“Little fella, although you are the Ancient Fire Phoenix, but you are afterall still in your infancy and still looking like a three year old human child. If the enemies are people that even I am unable to deal with, what would you be able to do against them?”

[There! She really feels that this pudgy little guy with his short hands and legs was just a little kid who looks just like a little prosperity doll and would not possess much battle power. Afterall, he still has not matured has he?”]

If they really encounter a powerful opponent that even she was unable to defeat, she sincerely did not believe that the kid possessed any capability to help.

However, the little Phoenix was immediately unhappy upon hearing those words. His chubby little arms folded across his chest and he plopped down to the floor on his behind, as he glared at her angrily to say: “You shouldn’t despise people like that! Revered me is not even close to being as useless as a human three year old. Revered me is really very powerful!”

He reemphasized the fact, seemingly afraid that Feng Jiu did not believe him.

“Mistress, Little Hua has awoken.”

From outside, Leng Shuang’s voice came in.

Within the space, when Feng Jiu heard that, she glanced another time at the pill in her hand and thought about it a moment before she kept it away. She then turned her head to give a reminder: “You be good and stay inside here to cultivate.” After saying that, her figure flashed as she exited the space.

Opening the door, she saw Leng Shuang standing there in glee.

“Mistress, Ah Hua has awoken.”

“Mm.” She nodded her head and strode towards Leng Shuang’s room.

When she came into the room, she saw that Leng Hua had already opened his eyes and upon seeing her enter, he was attempting to get up but Feng Jiu pressed him down and said: “You still have injuries on you. Just remain lying down.”

“Mistress, Young Master has been captured.” His voice was still very weak, but still much better than before.

“You know who those people are?” She asked as she thought to herself. At least he was just captured, as long as he wasn’t killed.

“That middle aged man said they were from the Xu Family, and claimed that Mistress killed his son and two of his elders. Hence, he had come to seek Mistress to settle the score.”

Hearing those words, Leng Shuang was slightly taken aback. [Her Mistress killed people? How was that possible? Mistress’ powers was at most considered to be as damaging as an embroidered pillow. So how was it possible she could kill someone who was of an Elder level of a family clan?

When Feng Jiu heard that, her eyes glinted, and it dawned upon her. So it’s the Xu Family.

[That Second Master and all the several other people had already been killed by her, so how had they found out that she was the one that killed them? Did they find her portrait from the black market’s bounty board and deduced it from there?]

“Did they bring someone who was well versed with barriers with them at that time? And how did you manage to escape? Tell me everything in detail.”

“The Head of the Xu Family brought a grey robed old man with them, and he was the one who broke the barrier. As for me…..”

His voice hesitated. When he thought back to the situation then, he still found it all incredibly unbelievable. He then said: “Mistress, I found out that the soft and wispy Tai Chi is actually really awesome!”

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