Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 97

Chapter 97: Night in Blood’s Shade

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The two Elders called out in shock and the four Team Leaders’ faces turned ashen, their eyes appalled as they looked at the grey robed old man who had struck so suddenly.

The old man’s eyes were narrowed slightly as a malicious aura emanated from his body, his voice contemptuous and chilling as it slowly came out from his mouth.

“Who do you think you are? You dare to question me?”

His malicious gaze turned, which startled the two Elders beside him, causing them to unconsciously retreat two steps backwards.

[One palm!]

[One palm and it had killed their Family Head who was at the pinnacle of the Warrior Master grade? One palm was all it took to not even give their Family Head the opportunity to stand up at all but had his life snatched out from him! ?]

Within the roaring blaze, under the heap of rubble, the Family Head of the century old Xu Family had suddenly and unexpectedly died such an ignoble death…..

Standing on her high vantage point, Feng Jiu raised up an eyebrow under her mask, as her eyes flashed with a momentary puzzlement.

[Aren’t those two people in cahoots? But he had struck out at Family Head Xu and killed him?]

[Killed with one palm strike…..]

Her gaze fell upon the grey robed old man, staring at the mystical energy gathered around the old man’s palm that was visible to the naked eye.

[Grand Warrior Master!]

The grey robed old man’s powers was above a Warrior Master, a Grand Warrior Master! It has to be that. To be able to take out a Warrior Master at the pinnacle with just one single palm strike, his powers would naturally have to be of a higher level than Family Head Xu.

[But, a Grand Warrior Master…..]

The current Feng Jiu would have no issues dealing with someone who was at Family Head Xu’s level. But to take on a Grand Master Warrior, and his powers were seemingly not just at the initial levels of the mystical Grand Warrior Master grade, it was thought even two of Feng Jiu would still not be a match for such an opponent.

“Go, capture her for this old man. Remember, this old man wants her alive.”

The grey robed old man remained standing there and did not move from his spot, his hands crossed over each other, hidden within his sleeves. His eyes were shining with excitement and anticipation as he stared at the flamboyant and mesmerizing figure in red, his gaze feeling so strange it gave one chills.

“Yes. Yes.”

No matter whether it was the two Elders, or whether it was the four Team Leaders, even when they saw their Family Head murdered by the old man, they did not dare seek revenge for their Family Head. As deep down in their hearts, they knew the opponent’s power far exceeded their by too much, and if they did not comply, the next ones to die would be them!

When she saw the several men surround her in attack, Feng Jiu’s eyes flashed briefly, and she drew out her dagger, flipping it over to hold it in a reverse grip. She summoned her Qi and leapt, landing upon a roof not much further off.

The men pursued behind her closely, with no weapons in their hands, almost as if they fearful of the old man and the men did not dare to use any sharp blades against her, but unknowingly making it easier for her to kill them instead.

“There’s no escape!”

One of the Elders shouted, reaching a hand out to grip Feng Jiu’s shoulder, with mystical energies surging, and his Warrior Master’s oppressive aura pushed out in assault at that moment. The Elder was thinking pin the opponent down first, before proceeding with the capture, but unexpectedly, his hand had suddenly instead been grabbed, and twisted behind his back. His opponent’s ghostly movements, and the tricky movements of her hands, made it impossible for him to avoid falling into the enemy’s hands.

Before he could even try to retreat, an icy cold dagger had already been lightly pressed against his neck.

When the other captors saw that, their hearts almost stopped, overcome with shock and incredulity. They all knew the Third Elder’s powers well, but he had been so easily countered and pinned? Even fallen into the enemy’s hands where his life would be decided by the prey?

“Don’t….. Don’t kill me…..”

Third Elder was in a panic, unable to believe that the scene he had visualised had manifested in a blink, but the person being held in restraint was him instead.

“Too late.”

Feng Jiu’s voice was cold, as she pulled the dagger within her hand. A deep wound split open at the neck, and blood gushed out.

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