Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 89

Chapter 89: Escape

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At this moment, a black robed guard came running to his side. “Family Head, two of our comrades have been killed and that kid escaped!”

“What! They’ve been killed by a commoner kid who has no cultivation?!”

He bellowed in rage as he strode out in big steps and looked out the back door. His eyes swept through the surroundings and true enough, he saw two of his guards lying motionlessly on the ground. One had a red line gashed across his bloodied neck, another had a sword stabbed in the chest.

When he saw that, he gnashed his teeth in anger and clenched his fist tightly. “Hmph! Very good, to think that a kid with no cultivation had actually killed two of my men!”

The elderly old man who arrived later stroked his long beard thoughtfully.

[A person obviously without any cultivation, but was able to kill a pugilist with cultivation. On top of that, there’s even a Barrier Master here in this place. It looks like that girl is withholding some secrets!]

Thinking this, a cold glint flashed in his eyes.

“What is the relationship between the man that we’ve caught and that girl?” His gaze rested on the Xu Family’s head and asked.

When he heard this, the Xu Family’s Head immediately turned back and replied: “That man we caught belongs to the Guan Family, a middle class family in Cloudy Moon City. However, word has it that he had died in the Nine Entrapment Woods. My guess is that that lass had saved him and they became close like siblings.”

“So you’re saying that if she knows that he had been caught she will step out and save him?”

“Yes.” Xu Family’s Head nodded as he let out a twisted smile. “It’s also good that the kid had escaped, he can bring news to her that we’ve caught Guan Xi Lin. I don’t believe that she won’t move once she’s received the news.”

The old man furrowed his brows slightly and asked in a calm voice. “If the Guan Family knows that he’s been caught, will they interfere?”

“Hah! That is something you do not have to worry about. The kid we’ve caught is an abandoned son. Even his own fiancee has been snatched away by his own cousin. Do you think they are willing to thread these muddy waters and care whether he lived or die? Afterall he’s a person who has been cast away.”

“That’s good. Before we’ve lured that girl out, we need him alive. We also can’t afford to have any unnecessary trouble.” The old man said solemnly.

Hearing this, Xu Family’s Head was inwardly shocked and looked at the old man, baffled. “Senior, you’re already an expert in boundary barriers, why would you be interested in the barrier set up by a little trashy lass?

The old man glanced at him, and scoffed coldly. “This is my own business, Xu Family’s Head, curiousity is not a good thing, knowing too much isn’t good, the more one knows, the faster one dies.”

Being warned so curtly jolted Xu Family’s head awake and he did not press further. After all, the identity of this old man was one whom he could not afford to offend.

-As for the other side-

Leng Hua was panting heavily as he crouched closely in a corner after he had managed to escape. He was currently hiding at a back alley, gasping for breath, his whole body was soaked with blood, some his, some belonged to the two Guards he had killed earlier.

This was the first time he had killed anyone. The situation before did not give him anytime to think and he could only act instinctively then. Now that it was over, he was feeling scared and his whole body was trembling. His heart was beating erratically the fear lingered on and his heart would not calm down.

After hiding in the alley for awhile, only after he saw that there was no further movements and confirmed that there were no pursuers, he then clenched his teeth together and stood up. Taking advantage of the dark night, he stealthily hid under the veil of the night and escaped towards the direction of the Peach Blossom Ridge.

He knew that the Mistress had another identity as the Ghost Doctor and also had a good relationship with the black market. However, he could not go to the black market to seek help because his sister had always been the one who had accompanied the Mistress so no one could recognise him. Even if he managed to convince them to let him in, he was afraid that things might get out of hand and in turn, the identity of his Mistress might get exposed.

He could not reach his back and it was entirely soaked with his blood. He couldn’t stop the bleeding but he still pushed on, every step he took was riddled with excruciating pain as his wounds tormented him. He always had a weak constitution and coupled with the blood loss, his face was getting paler and paler with each step he took. Despite all these, he gritted his teeth and forced himself to keep moving forward…

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