Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 88

Chapter 88: Saved by Tai Chi

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At that moment, a black robed guard came running to his side. “Family Head, we’ve searched the place inside out and did not find anyone else. Only the youth had ran out from the back but we have two of our brothers in pursuit.”

At that same moment, Leng Hua who had run out through the back door found his way blocked by two black robed guards. When the two black robed guards saw that Leng Hua was a commoner without any cultivation, they looked down on him completely.

“You won’t be able to escape! Just give yourself up!”

As he spoke, the black robed man rushed up reaching towards Leng Hua’s to grab his at his wrist, thinking to capture him and bring him back to the front of the courtyard. Who would have thought the hand he reached to in a grab would in turn be grabbed instead, and in that momentary slip, he felt his entire body being pulled and then pushed, to crash into the other black robed man.

“Tsk! What the hell are you doing! ?”

The other man was bumped in the head and he let out a curse reflexively. He pushed the man who had fallen onto him and saw that the youth had taken the chance to run further out. He summoned his Qi and swung the sword in his hand, sending a wave of energy flying out from his sword.

“Asking for death!”


Leng Hua cried out in pain, and he stumbled a step as he felt the hot and burning pain across his back. He felt a warm liquid flowing down his back and his face immediately turned pale.

But his steps did not stop as he continued to run forward. However, a black figure leapt up and easily passed over him to stand before his path.

“Go on running! Why have you stopped? If we are not able to even capture you, wouldn’t we be seen as a joke when we go back to them?”

The black robed man gave a chill smile and tightening his grip on the sword, he struck, aiming to stab at Leng Hua on his left leg. But the figure of the youth that had been before him suddenly flashed and dodged his attack. Before he could even react, he found that his hand that was holding the sword had been grabbed by two hands and swung towards his neck.



The black robed guard only had time to gasp out in disbelief as he saw the sword in his own hand swung around arcing towards his own neck. The speed that it happened at was too quick for the other man to even jump in to stop it.


With a heavy crash, the black robed guard fell to the ground, his eyes staring, looking highly aggrieved. Around his throat, the sliced open wound was gushing out a geyser of blood, quickly staining the ground a bright red.

Leng Hua was shocked at his own abilities. He had never practised any cultivation and possessed only the Tai Chi he had learnt from the Mistress. He had been practicing it daily in the mornings and nights all this time and the strokes and movements have been deeply entrenched into his bones. At the moment of danger, his body had instinctively used Tai Chi to in self defense.

Leng Hua knew that if he did not kill the other black robed man, he would still not be able to escape and hence, he gave up on running away, but turned around to face the other black robed guard who was staring at him completely astounded. Leng Hua slowly lowered his body in a half squat and he raised his hands slightly, reciting the Tai Chi mantra in his heart.

[Ease up the neck as the back straightens, wings loosely spread. Chest relaxed and the stance lowered, completes the form…..] *Note from Cloud: I tried, best attempt from me to translate the mantra with minimal and little google research….. Don’t smack me on the head~

“I must have seen a ghost!”

The black robed guard saw that his companion was killed and realised that the kid was no longer running but was executing some soft and wispy form of martial arts. He immediately charged in with his sword and attacked…..

-Meanwhile, at the courtyard in front-

“Speak! What is that wretched lass hiding?”

He had a foot stepping on Guan Xi Lin’s chest which caused a trickle of blood to spill out from the corner of Guan Xi Lin’s mouth. He let out a muffled groan but refused to say a word, and just stared fiercely at the Head of the Xu Family.

“Bring him back with us! I do not believe I will be unable to pry open that mouth!”

The Xu Family’s Head said in a sinister voice. Seeing that the two guards who had gone in pursuit of the youth had still not returned, his brows creased up together in a frown as he said: “What happened? They couldn’t even capture a little commoner who did not possess any cultivation? If they can’t capture him then just kill him! No need to keep that one alive!”

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