Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 87

Chapter 87: Whole Bunch of Useless Trash

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“So it is the Head of the Xu Family.”

After hearing the black robed man’s words, Guan Xi Lin then managed to remember who he was. The Xu Family was like the Guan Family, both families could only be considered as medium leveled family clans in the Cloudy Moon City. But the Xu Family did not have much dealings with the Guan Family and although Guan Xi Lin had never met the Xu Family’s Head, among the families named Xu within the Cloudy Moon City who commanded considerable clout, would only be that one Xu Family.

“What does the Head of the Xu Family mean by murdering your people? Could there be a misunderstanding behind all this?”

Although that was what he said with words, his mind was whirring at top speed. He was guessing that the matter must be somehow linked to Feng Jiu but he did not dare admit it straight up at that moment.

As for the grey robed old man, Guan Xi Lin found him to be even stranger. He had never seen the man before but he had been able to unravel Little Jiu’s barrier and it seemed that that was no ordinary old man.

When he thought of that, he moved neared to Leng Hua behind him and said in a low voice: “You find a chance to escape! Don’t let them catch you.”

Although Leng Hua had been rather flustered, he had managed to compose himself somewhat at that moment.

Over the recent period, his body had been nursed to a complete recovery and his build had filled out rather well. But, he had never practised any cultivation and was completely unable to cross swords with these people. If he remained behind, he would only distract the Young Master and he might as well find a way to inform the Mistress and his elder sister about this.

Having decided on that, he moved himself back slightly.

“Misunderstanding? Hahahaha! What a great claim of misunderstanding!”

The Xu Family’s Head laughed out loudly before it stopped abruptly and his bloodthirsty and malicious gaze fell on Guan Xi Lin. “My son, my second brother, with two Elders of my Xu Family murdered by the hands of that wretched lass and you think that could be resolved by merely claiming it to be an misunderstanding? Aren’t you being too naive! ?”

As expected!

Guan Xi Lin’s heart sank. It was Little Jiu who killed the people from the Xu Family. But when did this happen? How come he knew nothing about it?

“Where is that wretched lass? Get her out here to receive death!” The Head of the Xu Family shouted in a deep bellow, his gaze looking all around. Even after kicking up such a big ruckus, besides Guan Xi Lin in the courtyard, he only saw another youth who did not possess any cultivation at all.

“Head Xu, we’ve both agreed to this. To not kill them first upon capturing them, this old man here would like to ask where she learnt to set up a barrier like this!” The grey robed old man’s voice was heavy, and he seemed to have come targeting on the barrier Feng Jiu had put up over the place.

“What I have promised Sire, I will definitely deliver. In the current situation, it is most important that we seek for answers on that wretched lass’ location.” Immediately after saying that, he ordered: “Capture them both!”

“Run!” Guan Xi Lin shouted and pushed Leng Hua behind him, while he blocked off the attack coming from the front.

‘Clang! Clunk!’


The clashing of sword blades rang out clearly in the night air, as sharp arcs of energy swooshed past him. Guan Xi Lin held his sword before him to hold back the attack from the black robed men, fighting in a desperate attempt to gain another moment for Leng Hua to make his escape.

However, he was not Feng Jiu afterall. Although his combat abilities had been increased, but against these men who were carefully picked out and brought here by the Head of the Xu Family, it was becoming obvious he outmatched. Moreover, it was one against ten and after just a while, his white underclothes was already well stained with blood.

But for the black robed men to capture him without risking having to take his life, was proving to be an arduous feat for them. Hence, the Xu Family’s Head had after watching them for awhile, shouted out.

“Whole bunch of useless trash!”

He leapt out flying through the air as thick and intense mystical power gathered within his palm before he struck out.



Guan Xi Lin was sent flying by his palm strike, and at the same time that his body flew back, a mouthful of blood spurted out from him and before he could even stand up after crashing onto the ground, close to ten long swords were already pressed against his throat, not allowing him to move in the slightest.

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