Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 90

Chapter 90: Seeking Help

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At the break of dawn, as the sun slowly peeked out while the sky was still tinged in darkness, the Black Guards who were making their rounds were chatting as they patrolled the mountain. Suddenly, they saw a shadow from the side and a few of them rushed forward in alarm.

“Who’s there!”

Leng Hua had forcefully pushed himself all this way and his body felt heavy and sluggish as he continued on forward as he stumbled on step by step in difficulty. He fell down and struggled back up countless times. His back was completely soaked in his own blood, he had long became numb from the pain. His vision was also groggy as everything was now a blur.

When he saw the Black Guards who were on patrol, he wanted to rush forward but his legs gave way and he could only helplessly call out in a cracking voice as his hands reached out towards them. “Help me…to see Leng Shuang… she’s.. my Sister…”

His voice was very weak but nevertheless, those Black Guards had heard it clearly.

Leng Shuang’s brother?

Their eyes had a hint of surprise when they heard that, one came forward to check on his wounds while another rushed towards the inner region, whether it was true or false, they still had to inform Leng Shuang on this matter.

“What did you say? My brother?”

When she had came out to check on the barrier, she heard the Black Guard report the matter to the captain, her heart leapt up in fright. “Where’s he now? Where? Bring me to him, quick!”

Leng Hua should have been with the Young Master in the courtyard. Why did he come here? Did something happen?

When Leng Shuang rushed over in a flurry and saw the unconscious Leng Hua drenched in blood, his blue robes completely dyed in red and his face was as white as sheet. She was flustered and her heart jolted in shock. She cried out: “Leng Hua!”

She started screaming hysterically and wanted to rush forward to hold him but didn’t know where to hold onto. She could only anxiously cry out, “Faster! Bring him in quickly!”

Supporting him was the Black Guard captain and another guard who was following her from behind. When they were reaching the Peach Blossom Boundary barrier, the two were inwardly ecstatic and thought that they could finally go in and have a look. However, just as they were about to reach, she stopped in her tracks.

“Bring him over to me.”

She came forward and carefully leaned over as she supported Leng Hua and brought him in step by step into the Peach Blossom Barrier. Very soon, the two silhouettes could no longer be seen as they disappeared into the Peach Blossoms.

“How mysterious… we’ve been here for almost a month yet we’ve never been inside before. Just thinking about it makes me feel rather stifled.”

That black guard was muttering to himself, his heart was overwhelmed with curiosity, especially on the identity of the person living inside.

The Black Guard Captain looked thoughtfully ahead and looked back at that Black Guard and said in a heavy tone. “It’s not as if you’ve just started working as a Black Guard, with regards to our rules, you should jolly well know it by heart by now. Things that are not meant to be known – don’t ask, don’t be curious. There’s nothing good in knowing these things.”

“Yes Sir.” After being warned by his captain, the Black Guard quickly lowered his head in shame.

Leng Shuang had brought the unconscious Leng Hua to the room and checked his wounds. She quickly dressed his wound simply and quickly went to Feng Jiu’s door and knocked.

“Mistress, Mistress.” Urgency could be heard in her strained voice and there was also a hint of panic in it.

Feng Jiu who had been sleeping stirred and woke up when she heard Leng Shuang’s call. She draped on a robe and opened the door. “What happened?”

Her voice still sounded raspy but her eyes were alert. Because she knew that Leng Shuang would not knock at her door at the break of dawn if not for an emergency.

“Mistress, Little Hua came, but he’s unconscious and soaked in blood. I’m afraid something has happened to Young Master.”

When she heard this, Feng Jiu’s heart sank. “Where’s he? Quick! Bring me to him!”

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