Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 84

Chapter 84: Excited Palpitating Heart

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“Leng Shuang.”

“Mistress.” Leng Shuang walked over from behind.

“Make a trip back, and tell my brother that I will only be back when he returns to the Guan Family’s Young Chief selections and ask him to not get distracted but focus on his cultivation. Leng Hua will remain behind and accompany him and we can all come here together at that time!”


Leng Shuang acknowledged, but her feet did not move. She hesitated a moment before she asked: “Mistress, if I go back, you wouldn’t have anyone to stay by your side to protect you!”

Upon hearing that, Feng Jiu could not help herself but to laugh and she arched up an eyebrow to look at Leng Shuang teasingly: “You really see your Mistress as a completely defenceless weakling that needs someone to stick by my side to protect me?”

Without waiting for her to answer, Feng Jiu waved her hand dismissively and said: “Go! You don’t need to worry about me here.”

In the three days she had been here, she had gone into the space in the Spatial Ring to practice her cultivation and her powers had improved tremendously. But she had concealed her cultivated powers so that people were not able to detect it.

Afterall, her fame as the Ghost Doctor cum Medicine Concocter were already highly attention grabbing and if people she her powers were growing so exponentially by the day, that would definitely cause people to feel threatened. Moreover, she also has an Ancient Sacred Beast with her within the Spatial Ring and although he was just in his infancy, he was not to be overlooked as well.

Leng Shuang left and Feng Jiu stood up lazily, taking light fleeting steps as she walked out from under the little structure under the peach blossom tree.

She was dress in a full suit of red and was not disguised as a boy. Her hair draped loosely over her back, lightly secured by a red silk ribbon. She was not wearing any shoes and her red dress did not cover her exquisite pair of fair tiny little feet.

She stepped lightly along the windy windy meandering smooth pebbled path, her alluring tiny little toenails painted red peeking out from under her red dress, and without realizing it, she had come out quite a distance when she could suddenly faintly hear melodious music from a zither floating in from outside.


Her gaze turned slightly and her eyes glinted with surprise. Following that, she pulled out a red face veil from within her sleeve to conceal her countenance and she tapped lightly on the ground with the point of her foot, to glide through the air, like a sprite traversing among the peach blossoms, before quickly stepping out through the mystifying spell she laid.

And with a single leap, the red figure sat lightly upon a branch of a peach tree, filled with beautiful peach blossoms in full bloom. Her snowy white pair of exquisite feet hanging off in midair, swinging leisurely, portraying a highly carefree and unconstrained sight.

She leaned back languidly against the trunk behind her, as a hand stretched out to pick off a stem of peach blossom blooms, which she toyed with nonchalantly as she listened to the playing of the strings sounding from not too far away, and the corners of her mouth beneath the veil curled up involuntarily.

A tune beautiful and elegant, highly pleasing to the ear, the clear pick of the strings, like the flow of water within the mountains, at times fast, at times slow, endearing and lovely…..

Such a classic piece for zithers, she wouldn’t think would exist in this mystical world that practised cultivation of Immortality.

“Su Ruo Yun, Su Ruo Yun, I have not even gone to seek you, why are you always running to come appear before me instead?”

Feng Jiu mumbled softly to herself, her slightly narrowed beautiful set of eyes glinted suddenly, as a strange smile lit within them. She was just about to get up and leap to the front when she felt a gaze she could not ignore fixed upon her.

She tilted her head slightly as she pushed away the peach blossoms in front of her and looked. With that one look, the eyes immediately filled with smiles, sparkling brilliantly, overflowing with joy, like stars were twinkling within, suddenly mesmerized without a person knowing…..

[It’s her!]

Murong Yi Xuan stared dazedly at her, his eyes suddenly showing surprise and anxiety that even he himself wasn’t aware of.

He stared at the figure in red sitting among the peach blossoms looking just like a sprite, looking at the snowy white pair of delicate and dainty feet dangling playfully in the air, seeing the little head peeking out from behind the peach blossom blooms and that pair of eyes which seemed to be speaking to him, filled with such an enchanting smile…..

He felt his heart pound and leap around, a kind of surprise tinged with an excitement that made his heart palpitate eagerly within his chest, the feeling slowly spreading throughout his body, unable to pull himself away as he got lost within…..

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