Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 85

Chapter 85: Attracting Butterflies and Bees

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“Big Brother Murong? What are you doing here?”

Hearing the voice behind him, he snapped back to his senses and instinctively turned his head to look back towards the voice. “Qing Ge? Why have you come here?”

Immediately upon finishing saying that, he seemed to remember something and turned his head back again towards the peach tree.

The sprite like figure of the girl was already gone, like what he had seen earlier had just been an illusion. He stared as the flower petals was shaken off by a light breeze, scattering in a enchanting shower of falling petals, his heart suddenly feeling a faint twinge of unexplainable disappointment…..

“You still have the cheek to ask me! I had thought to play the zither for you but who knew you had instead come here to admire the flowers instead.” She followed his gaze and looked, only seeing the falling flower petals scattering all over the ground.

“The peach blossoms here hold a high contrast of red and white blooms and I had unknowingly lost myself looking at them.” Murong Yi Xuan said gently, with a faint smile on his lips, looking still slightly distracted.

She was just about to say that the peach blossoms in the surrounding areas were all like this when Feng Qing Ge’s expression suddenly perked up and she asked: “Big Brother Murong, do you smell a strange fragrance?”

“Fragrance? The air is filled with the fragrance of the peach blossoms.”

“Not that.” Feng Qing Ge shook her head and said: “There seems to be another smell.”

As she spoke, she suddenly heard a buzzing sound from a distance away. She turned towards the sound and saw a large black swarm of bees fast approaching towards them. Her face immediately changed and she could not hold back a terrified yelp.


The expression on Murong Yi Xuan’s face immediately changed as well when he saw the huge swarm of bees. He immediately pulled on Feng Qing Ge hand and ran. The tens of thousands of bees surged towards them and they were not what one or two pairs of hands would be able to ward off.

And, by all reasons, even if there were bees here to collect the nectar, there shouldn’t be such a huge swam all of a sudden that would charge right at them!


Feng Qi Ge yelped in pain as she felt her arm being stung, quickly followed by another ten over bees landing on her, terrifying her so badly that she began swatting herself all over.

“Go away! Just get away from me!”

Seeing that the surrounding swarm of bees were only stinging her alone, Murong Yi Xuan was shocked a moment, before quickly removing his outer robe to go wrap around her. But before he could even reach her, he heard her scream while swatting herself heavily as she leapt several steps away to avoid the pursuing bees.

“Big Brother Murong! Many bees are stinging me Big Brother Murong, eeek!”

She screamed as she ran, and those bees followed behind her closely. Especially when she was passing through the area with the most number of travelers in front, she shocked all of them into squatting down and holding their heads to scream in terror, but they all soon discovered that those bees were only chasing after Feng Qing Ge alone.

“Did she touch something she shouldn’t have? How did she draw so many bees to her?”

“When she ran past here earlier, there was a scent of fragrance on her, maybe she applied too much scented powder.”

“Stung by so many bees, that face would definitely swell up to become just like a pig’s head”

All the other travelers in the surrounding areas regardless whether they were male or female all stood watching as they saw Feng Qing Ge running all over the peach tree forest, and a few ladies even watched on with a gloating look in their eyes.

Everyone just watched as the swarm of bees pursued Feng Qing Ge relentlessly, a few faster flying ones stinging her upon the face, eliciting several screams to erupt out of her. And when they thought about the pain if that had happened on their own bodies, they could not help but cringe from the thought.

“Argh! Big Brother Murong….. Big Brother Murong, save me…..”

Murong Yi Xuan at that moment had been rather stunned by the sudden and abrupt attack and was helplessly flustered.

When he suddenly remembered that bees were afraid of fire, he quickly took out his stick of glowing ember intending to use fire to drive them away when he saw Feng Qing Ge run screaming about a hundred meters away, to jump with a loud splash into vast pool that was used to provide water for the peach trees…..

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