Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 83

Chapter 83: Peach Blossom Ridge

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After hearing what was said, Feng Qing Ge was finally relieved and she beamed brightly to say: “We already came all the way here so you should forget all of that for awhile. This mountain of peach blossoms has such beautiful scenery and that should be able to let you relax.”

“Mmm.” Murong Yi Xuan agreed and walked with Feng Qing Ge along a small path in the mountain.

Those three days, were enough for Feng Jiu to reorganize the Peach Blossom Monastery.

First, she changed the Peach Blossom Monastery into the Peach Blossom Ridge and she used everything within her knowledge to lay a spell around the Peach Blossom Ridge, separating the outer circle from the inner boundary. In this way, she would not have to worry about people mistakenly stumbling within the Peach Blossom Ridge, disturbing her peace.

The Peach Blossom Forest would still be available for travelers to admire and enjoy, but she set one rule, that a fee would be collected to enter the Peach Blossom Forest.

Three days later, quite a number of travelers came to the peach blossom mountain once again. When they found out that there was a fee to go into the Peach Blossom Forest, many of them were highly shocked.

“Just going up the mountain to admire flowers and we have to pay? What kind of a rule is that?”

“Exactly, we all didn’t have to in the past! With such a huge plot of big peach tree forest, shouldn’t it be opened up? Why is there a need to charge?”

Some people were indignant as they stared angrily at the several Black Guards standing guard at the entryway, feeling that it was highly unreasonable for them to be collecting money and it was entirely unacceptable.

Some others were more understanding as the Peach Blossom Forest was afterall private property and as they were entering the private property of others to tour inside, it was reasonable that they had to pay for it. Putting themselves in the owner’s shoes, if it was a place of their family’s, they wouldn’t allow other people to come in to tour as they wished, or admire the sights whenever they wanted.

And the Black Guards were not that patient to explain it to the people and one of them swung his gaze upon the man who was shouting and said in a deep voice: “Pay if you want to enter, if you can’t bear to part with money then just stand aside!”

The complainants having been called out like that, would naturally not want to admit that they were to stingy to spend money. Hence, they took out their money all red faced and then stomped into the Peach Blossom Forest fuming.

Not far away, Feng Qing Ge was holding Murong Yi Xuan’s hand as she watched the scene in front, and she asked in puzzlement: “Did the owner of the Peach Blossom Monastery change? Isn’t it said that this place is private property and it’s not for sale? Who could be so capable that is able to buy over this place?”

Meanwhile, Murong Yi Xuan’s gaze was fixed on the three Chinese characters with its wilful and uninhibited strokes that read Peach Blossom Ridge and his eyes were shining faintly as he could not help but say in praise: “Excellent writing!”

That wanton and liberal strokes in the characters were filled with a sharply uninhibited willfulness and just by looking at the characters, it could be seen that the person behind was free and unrestrained. When he thought about it, the person who wrote these three characters that read Peach Blossom Ridge, must be the new owner of this place.

Moreover, according to the news, it seemed that the new owner of this Peach Blossom Ridge was the recently often heard of but never seen, highly mysterious Ghost Doctor.

Hearing that heartfelt word of praise, Feng Qing Ge turned her gaze up with Murong Yi Xuan’s and upon seeing the three highly flamboyant and boldly written characters, even as a complete amatuer with calligraphy, she had to admit that those three characters were extremely well written as well.

“Let’s get a move on!”

Murong Yi Xuan smiled as he said to Feng Qing Ge beside him. He had initially not been too enthusiastic about admiring flowers, but his mood was now much improved.

“Mmm.” Feng Qing Ge acknowledged and moved forward beside Murong Yi Xuan.

Under a little structure within the Peach Blossom Ridge, Feng Jiu was sitting under a Peach Blossom Tree and brewing some tea as she admired the flowers while Leng Shuang stood watch not too far away.

A light breeze blew, which shook off a shower of red and white petals off the tree to cascade down…..

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