Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 72

Chapter 72: Time to Leave

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“Little Jiu, my heart is a complete mess! How can you not comfort me, and even laugh at me?” He looked at her full of grievance but after he heard her laughter, his mood was lifted by quite a bit.

“No, it’s just that I’ve never seen this side of you? I find it very novel, haha…”

She really wasn’t lying, although he was handsome, however with his towering figure which could be comparable to a bear’s back or a tiger’s waist, such a strong physique and yet he showed such an embarrassed yet aggrieved expression, it was such a stark contrast and she couldn’t help herself but laugh.

“But how about your parents? Since it was your Father that set your engagement, wouldn’t he be against their marriage?” She curiously asked, it wasn’t that long ago that she had saved him? Did they really think that he was dead?

Hearing this, Guan Xi Lin’s embarrassment quickly dispersed as he sadly said: “I’ve never seen my Mother before, when I was six years old, my Father found some news about my Mother and he had set out to look for her. However, he’s not been back since then, and our family had not received any news, and everyone in the family presumed that he is dead.”

He walked to the stone table and put down his things in his hands, as his eyes lit up with vigor and he said in an unwavering tone: “But I don’t believe them! In our Guan family history, my Father’s talent was the best. I do not believe that he is dead, I’ve made an oath since young, that I will strive to carve out a name for myself! So as long as my Father and Mother are alive, they will be able to recognize me.

Looking at his serious and determined look, Feng Jiu looked at him with affirmation and nodded her head in approval. That explained a lot, no wonder despite his cultivation level wasn’t very high but each of his moves were packed with explosive power which showed that his muscles were very well developed and to have come all this way, it meant that there was a lot of hard work involved.

“Brother, I believe that you can do it!” She patted his shoulders in encouragement. “Practice well. Your talent is not low, your future will definitely be better than your Father.”

Once she said that, she smiled deviously. “But Brother, since your cousin is going to get married, how can you not head back to congratulate them? This isn’t very appropriate!”

“Huh?” He looked at her, puzzled.

“Well, let me go along with you!”

Anyway, they couldn’t stay here much longer, or else if the Xu Family found their way over, how troublesome would that be? Moreover, the her now didn’t have the sufficient strength to deal with them, so for now, she still had to keep a low profile and slowly bide her time.

What’s more, she also yearned to go back to Cloudy Moon City to have a look.

“Why don’t you go and buy a carriage first? I’m going out for a bit and will come back soon.” After which, she went back into the room and changed into a man’s attire and she put on a mask and headed out.

Guan Xi Lin was surprised when she emerged out of her room as he looked at her dressing. However, he didn’t ask anything and just ate a couple of things and left to buy a good carriage for the ride back home.

Feng Jiu came to the black market and there was a girl dressed in black who was standing by the door who bowed deeply when approached.

She only cast her a quick glance and saw her tanned face, with her gaze lowered to the ground and she didn’t pay any further attention to the girl as she strode in.

However, at the moment Feng Jiu brushed past the girl in black, the girl lifted her gaze and that pair of eyes flashed a glint that was as dazzling as the stars and her gaze locked onto the red figure that was walking in.

“Are you going to leave?”

In the room, the overseer was asking in an anxious tone. “But we haven’t finished collecting all the magical herbs yet.”

“Doesn’t Cloudy Moon City have a Black Market as well? When you’ve finished gathering them, you can just send it there.” In her hands, she was holding onto the thin crystal card. In it, were the proceeds from selling the two bottles of medicine.

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