Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 73

Chapter 73: Shocking Words

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She really hadn’t expected it, that in the end, her proficiency in Medicine would be what helped her the most. But, these are just medicine that she had mixed together into a concoction, but if is was done by an Alchemist of this world…..

When that thought crossed her mind, a trace of a glint showed in her eyes and an idea slowly took shape in her head.

She raised her eyes and looked at Overseer Dong before her and asked: “I saw a young girl dressed in black kneeling outside. She seems to be the one that consumed the medicine the other day?”

“Yes, it’s her. She has been kneeling there for two days already and she is actually doing that to meet with Sire here.”

“Meet me?” She raised up an eyebrow, feeling rather surprised.

“That’s right. She is a rather popular warrior fighter in the Black Market Arena and it is said that she has a brother, but he is rather ill. She has used up all the money she won here on treatment for her brother but all the physicians they had gone to see said that her brother will not have much longer to live.”

As Overseer Dong spoke, he saw that Feng Jiu was showing some interest and he continued on to say: “Just two days ago, her brother fell into a coma and all the physicians in town were helpless. She doesn’t know what else to do and so she has decided to kneel there, begging to meet Sire. We have promised Sire that we would not reveal any information about you and we had naturally not told her anything. And since then, she had been kneeling there all this time and she wouldn’t budge even when we tried to chase her away.”

Feng Jiu nodded and did not say anything. After a short while, she left some instructions for the medicine and then got up to leave.

As she strode out through the gates of the black market and passed the young girl, Feng Jiu noticed that the girl was looking at her. Feng Jiu paused a moment mid stride, and cast her a glance before resuming her wide strides to walk away.

The young girl in black turned to stare after the departing figure, and her eyes shone brightly before she immediately got up to follow after.

After Feng Jiu has gone past three streets, she suddenly stopped in her tracks, and her voice rose tauntingly.

“Having tailed me for so long, are you thinking of robbing me?” At the same moment she spoke, she turned herself around.

A figure in black walked out from behind. It was the young girl and she had even smeared her face black. She was staring at the flamboyant figure in red and while biting her lip, she said: “There is the smell of medicine on you. You are the one who concocted the medicine.”

Feng Jiu smiled and she crossed her arms in front of her chest, a corner of her lips lifting up in a sinister curl as she said: “And?”

The girl dressed in black looked at Feng Jiu and was silent for a while, before she suddenly fell to one knee and knelt down with her head lowered: “I beg you to save my brother.”

Her voice was stiff and cold. Although she was kneeling, her back was however ramrod straight. Obviously, this was not someone who was used to begging people.

The smile on Feng Jiu’s face grew deeper but she shook her head: “I refuse.”

Immediately upon saying those words, Feng Jiu immediately opened up her stride and continued walking forward.

However, the figure which had been kneeling behind rushed up and this time she knelt at a spot three steps away from Feng Jiu.

“I beg you to save my brother.”

The voice was just as stiff and hard, her back just as straight as ever.

When Feng Jiu saw that, it reminded her of the day back in the arena. Those eyes had then been just like a little beast, strong and determined.

“Then you tell me. Based on what should I save your brother?”

“I can help you kill people.”

Feng Jiu shook her head: “For killing, there are professional black market assassins.”

“I can give you my life.”

Feng Jiu shook her head again: “I have no use for your life.”

Upon hearing that, she raised up her eyes and looked straight into the eyes of the person before her and asked: “Then what do you want?”

Feng Jiu’s gaze looked at the young girl up and down in scrutiny and then shook her head once more as she gave a sinister smile before walking away without saying a word.

Watching the red figure gradually getting further away, the girl dressed in black stood up and shouted: “I can warm your bed!”

Suddenly hearing those words from behind her, Feng Jiu’s feet stumbled, almost causing her to smash her face into the ground.

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