Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 71

Chapter 71: Aggrieved

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When the news of three Master Warriors had been brutally murdered, it shocked all the cultivators and even alerted the Pavilion Guards .

Only that the Pavilion Guards are only in charge of maintaining the town’s law and order for the common people. For matters regarding the cultivation world, they have no means to intervene, even more so for three cultivators who were at Master Warrior level.

The only thing they could do was to identify the corpses and notify their family of their demise.

However, the news had spread like rapid fire. After all, the death of three Master Warriors in town was not a small matter.

As for these matters, Feng Jiu did not care about it and once she returned to her courtyard, she entered her own space and started cultivating.

The black market mercenaries had withdrew the task of hunting her down so the next few days were very peaceful, and both of them could concentrate on cultivating. A few days later, Guan Xi Lin walked in dejected after he came back from the marketplace after buying some food back.

“Brother?” Feng Jiu felt something was amiss when she saw his forlorn expression. After calling out to him, he still had no response.

“Brother?” She called out to him again and he finally came to.

“Oh, Little Jiu, you called me?” Only after a short while after sorting out his feelings did he flash her a weak smile, but what he didn’t know was that this smile looked very forced.

“What happened to you? Did something happen?” She walked towards him and asked with deep concern.

Guan Xi Lin silently lowered his head, holding back his thoughts.

“It’s something that you don’t want to tell me? Then it’s alright, I won’t ask any further.”

Hearing this, he hurriedly looked up in a fluster and quickly interjected, “No, it’s not that Little Jiu! It’s just… it’s just that…”

He took in a deep breath and looked at her. In a slightly trembling voice, he said: “When I went out to buy something, I heard some news of my family. I heard that my cousin is about to get married.”

Having known him all this while, she had never asked him about his past, or about his family. Similarly, he did not about hers. This was the first time that she heard him mention his family.

“Do you want to go back and attend the wedding?”

His hand gently touched his waist where his wound was healing and he had a sad gaze as he spoke with nostalgia. “Little Jiu, did you know? Since the age of six, I’ve been raised by my Uncle and had been cultivating with my cousin ever since. Although we did not have the same parents, however I’ve always respected him and always thought of him as my own Brother. Never would I have thought that he would be the culprit that suddenly stabbed me in the back.

“If it was not for your life saving grace, I think I would already be dead. I’ve always wanted to understand why he wanted to kill me, but once I heard the news, I knew it was because of her.”

“Her?” Feng Jiu was stunned.

“Well, the woman that he is about to marry is the third Young Miss of the He family, He Xin Ya. She’s the fiancée which my Father had set for me.

Hearing this, Feng Jiu stared at him dumbfounded. What was this? He was literally stabbed in his back by his cousin who also robbed him of his fiancée? She cast him a look of sympathy, this Brother of hers really had quite a sad past.

Looking at his dejected and forlorn expression, she asked him curiously, “Brother, do you like that woman?”

Guan Xi Lin shook his head, “My feelings for her aren’t that strong, it’s just that knowing that she was going to be my woman since young and hearing that she’s about to marry someone else now, moreover that person is my cousin, it leaves a bitter aftertaste. I feel very wronged.”


She could not help but laugh out loud. When she saw his helpless and embarrassed expression, she quickly held back her laughter. “Alright, alright, I won’t laugh, won’t laugh.” However that couldn’t stop her from grinning widely.

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